Phone will not allow me to answer

I have a Moto G5. The new OS will not allow me to answer the phone. Very frustrating at times. Missing important calls.

Hi @briano.3ych5o,

Please see if this topic has any suggestion that helps:

App was not disabled.

I shut down phone and rebooted. Seems to work now. I’ll give it a few days to make sure.

Thank you

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I have this problem & nothing has worked ?

Hi @kentv,

In order to help you troubleshoot, we’ll need to know exactly what “nothing has worked” entails. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far?

What exactly happens when a call comes in?

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When a call comes in I only have a black screen. The phone is buzzing because I have vibrate on & the sound is going off. I can’t swipe to answer. If I touch the volume up or down it just turns off. Same with on/off button. Then when I push on/off it shows I had a call & I can call them.
I have turned phone off. I have restarted & I tried something where I pushed back volume down & on/off at the same time & it did some screen I have not seen. Kinda lost right now ???

Open the “Moto Help” app and run the Hardware tests over there to check if this is an issue with your proximity sensor.

Does the phone screen wake up in other operation when you pick it up?

Thanks @kentv,

In this list of things you have tried, I don’t see that you tried the steps in the help article referenced in the solution for the topic I linked in a reply above.

Please let us know if the steps in this link help: Unable to Answer or See an Incoming Call Motorola Phones on Android Nougat – Republic Help

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