Phone will not connect without WiFi

We recently added an older wi-fi only phone for home use with our kids. When we did that, my wife’s phone switched contact information with the new phone, and also quit being able to dial out using cellular network. The phone still will not connect a call using cellular network.

It seems like my wife’s phone thinks it is the new, wi-fi only phone. I just checked our Republic plan, and everything looks right, but the phone is not working correctly.

If anyone can help with next steps, that would be great. Thank you!

Perhaps the kids have a WiFi + Cell? (due to some mix up in the activation process)

  • Check the App on both of the phones and post back what you see under the phone number on the :rw_3: tab
  • Does this match what you see in your Account info?

Hi @matthewl.phligt

Do you mean the wife’s phone now has the new phone number, and the child’s phone now has your wife’s phone number?
Or do you mean your wife’s contacts (her list of friends and their phone numbers) now appear on your child’s phone?

If it’s the latter, that will happen if you signed into the same Google account and allowed contacts to sync.

I think it’s possible what you’re seeing on your wife’s phone is unrelated to the action you took of adding a new phone line.

Could you please see if perhaps the instructions in this article will clear up the calling issue? No Service and Republic Wireless App Asks to "Buy a SIM Card" on Moto E4 – Republic Help

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