Phone will not ring- goes to voicemail

Hi, Im desperate here and thinking of leaving Republic. My phone will not ring, calls go to voicemail unless it is from a contact of mine. I have rebooted the phone, checked for upgrades, shut off the spam call filter, and it still will not ring. After reading the tips above, many I do not understand or just dont solve my problem. I have the Moto G6 Play, which I am very unhappy with, terribly slow phone. Does anyone know why I cannot get calls? Unfortunately, Republic offers no customer service either. I guess Im getting what I pay for?

You mention shutting off the spam call filter. Are you referring to a filter in the Phone app or in the Republic app? There are three filters in the Republic app "Calls from suspected spammers, “Calls from unsaved numbers” and “Calls from unsaved Neighbor Numbers”. Are all three turned off? You’ll find these filters as follows:

  1. Open the Republic app
  2. Tap the gear icon to the upper right
  3. Tap Call and Voicemail Settings

We hear this from time-to-time but, candidly, it’s inaccurate. If you prefer to work with a Republic agent, doing so is entirely possible. Have you opened a ticket or started a chat from Republic’s help page linked here: Republic Help.

If your preference is to work with an agent, please do not select the “Expert advice” option. On the other hand, the Expert Customers one reaches when choosing “Expert advice” may very well be able to assist and some of those Expert Customers, like me, assist here in Community also.


omg, you fixed my issue. It was blocked from the republic app and not the phone. Thank you also for clearing up my misconception about customer service, I just didn’t know! Thank You a million times!!! I was upset because I was recently on a very long road trip and missed a call from a pal of mine and didn’t get the chance to see him. In my only defense, I’m getting up there in years and just am not as savvy with electronics as I once was. Your answer was spot on!


I’m sorry to hear you missed meeting your friend. Given the events of the past year, particularly, that’s most unfortunate.

Even the youngest among us are getting older every day. It’s a universal affliction of being human. :slightly_smiling_face: It was not my intention for you to feel the need to defend yourself. I simply want folks reading here to know, Republic does indeed offer agent support if that’s one’s preference. I also hope folks note that the Community offers what in my admittedly biased opinion is top-notch support also and will consider raising their questions here as you did.

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