Phone with "cutest" cover?


Odd question: Which phone available for republic wireless has the cutest phone covers available? Where should I shop for them?

More info:
My GF needs a new phone with more storage space for all the pictures/videos she likes to take. However, she highly values the “cuteness” of the phone cover she can get for the phone. While I have narrowed down the options to the sub $350 phones with 32+ gigs of storage space we have so far hit a wall in finding a case for one of these phones that meets the cuteness requirement.

More about Cuteness:
Most optimal would be some form of a Pikachu phone cover. After that it’s anything in the style of Lisa Frank, then followed by anything clearly from the 80s. If something combined any of these things I’m pretty sure you’d have a seizure so please use caution.

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  • Google allows you to make custom cases for their phones

  • There are other custom case manufacturers who will allow you to make a custom case for a variety of phones. The most extensive I’ve seen is (My son has a custom case on the way for his Moto X 2nd gen from this company)

  • Otherwise, cool/cute cases sold in stores are primarily for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and occasionally a Google Pixel phone.






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