Phone Won't Activate w Republic

Hello! I recently purchased an unlocked Google pixel 3A XL from Amazon, and I was trying to activate it with Republic Wireless. We also purchased a pixel 4A and another pixel 3A XL, and it worked just fine in the past. It continuously says bummer, this phone is not compatible with Republic wireless. It offers me a web page that says compatible phones, which lists the pixel 3A XL as being compatible, which we knew it was. We have run diagnostics on it several times, and it keeps popping up with the same thing, it seems to know that it is a pixel 3A xl. The phone has been updated for several hours, security updates and Android updates, we thought the problem might be caused by any updates, but that wasn’t it. phone has been restarted several times, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the Republic wireless app. Please help! Any suggestions will help!

On the Settings – About Phone – Software information page can you tell me what it says there for “Build number”?


Thank you!

I’m worried about the G020A model number as the compatible version is the G020C.

Oh dear…if that’s the case, theoretically it requires switching phones? As in Google issue?

We’ve submitted a tech ticket, hopefully will hear something definitive tomorrow,thank you for the quick reply!

Hi @lailar.bv5eps,

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As @louisdi mentioned, we support the Pixel 3a XL model G020C. Model G020A is the Verizon version of the phone, not the factory unlocked version.

I’m not sure what you mean by

If the Amazon seller had listed this phone as factory unlocked or had indicated it was model number G020C, then you would need to return the phone since it was misrepresented by the seller. If it was listed as model number G020A, perhaps the seller would still allow a return.

We do not support carrier-branded phones, even if they have been unlocked.


Perfect,that’s what we needed to know!


We’ve contacted Amazon, initiated return/exchange, thank you!

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You’re quite welcome.

Please let us know if you’d like the Community to confirm a phone is compatible before you make another purchase.

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Absolutely. We previously bought an unlocked which must have been the A, other daughter is very happy with it…


So I’m seeing a model G020A, but it’s listed as Verizon… Do they have the model wrong? Or if the model is correct and it’s unlocked would it work on Republic?

Could you share the link?
Our Community members are usually pretty good at interpreting when a listing has conflicting information that might be a red flag.

Apparently the other daughter has a model C and it’s been working with Republic since August, so hopefully our help ticket can sort this out…

Google Pixel 3a XL model G020A is not supported by Republic Wireless. There is nothing you can do to make it a supported phone.

Okay, I appear to have gotten confused regarding the a vs c. I apologize. We received an A, should have been a C, that’s what showed on the Amazon listing. We’ve checked, that’s what it said, looks like they’re going to send another, we’re only out time and a screen protector. Thank you all for helping us!


Hi @lailar.bv5eps,

I’m glad to see that the seller is going to replace the phone with the correct model. I checked the Community Treasure Chest and I can’t find any screen protectors for the Pixel 3A XL, but I do have a few cases to give away. Do you already have cases for your Pixel 3a XLs?


You are too kind! We already purchased case and other daughter previously ordered multi pack of screen protectors, so we’re all set. I just meant I’d already applied the protector when we transferred data etc. New phone should arrive soon, we’ll transfer data etc again, and should be able to activate.

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