Phone won't come on battery with exclamation mark


moto pure phone won,t come on , shows battery with exclamation mark


The battery with an exclamation mark means the phone doesn’t recognize the charging source or worse your phone has malfunctioned. Do you have another charger that you can try? I would also consider trying a brand new micro USB cable that is cable of fast charging.


Ty, problem solved.


What solved it?


Dummy me noticed charger not plugged in, duh! After forum said to check
that. Thanks


Well that was just funny!. Sometime technology gets the better of us. Thanks for the update. :relaxed:


Start with the basics always will bite you. I have talked to engineers about their cars. No start engine won’t crank… A) Is the car in park when turning the key. OOps he didn’t think of that… but wasted 1/2 an hour of my time on his possible problems research…
Glad it was simple @barryb.6semmf


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