Phone won't connect with cell towers


Good evening! My cell phone has not been connecting to the cell towers for two days now. It will have zero bars, and won’t allow me to send or receive texts, or send and receive phone calls. I have checked and confirmed that my cellular data is on, and have gotten alerts saying “Blocked access to cell towers.” I have tried both the Republic Wireless app and my Settings app trying to find a way to unblock it, but have been unsuccessful. Please help!


Which phone?
Please dial *#*#8647#*#* when on WiFi
Make sure airplane mode is off
If a 3.0 phone please go to the Republic app setting tab [:settingsicon:] --> about and report the SIM type [GSM or CDMA]


It’s a moto E4. It is all up to date. Airplane mode is off.


As you said it’s all up to date I assume you did a system update check in the Android settings --> system --> system update

Can you tell us what build version Android settings --> system --> about phone --> build number


The build number is NPQS26. 69-64-8


If you haven’t already done so I would open a ticket with support as you done most of the things I can think of


Hi @philipp.9oj4ve,

We haven’t heard from you in a few days. Were you able to get the phone reconnected to cell towers?


Yes. Thanks.


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