Phone won't sync with email

What phone do you have? Moto G

What plan are you on? unlimited talk, text.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Issue Description

  • first noticed when this message received: “couldn’t sign in”
  • tried frequently to re-enter the correct password for my, but it is not recognized

Hi @danielh.x4yhvu and welcome to the Community!

Have you tried deleting the email account from the app you’re using for email, then adding it back? It might help us better help you if we knew the email app you’re using. Is it Gmail or something else?

Tried to delete and re-install email (yahoo email). Message: “problem with account setup. username or password is incorrect.” The user name and password works on my laptop, why not my phone?

Are you using a nice long secure password with special characters? I have, on occasion, found that certain mobile apps are poorly designed and truncate the password characters such that I am not able to log in with the app, when the login on the web platform works fine. You might get in touch with Yahoo:

Unfortunately, it appears Yahoo’s live support is down due to COVID-19 health and safety considerations.

I’ve found that Yahoo email only works reliably with the Yahoo Mail App:

Thanks. I did try the Yahoo Mail App, but I get the same result. It just returns me to the Sign In screen. I tried making sure my other device (computer) was logged out. That didn’t help. Yahoo Help is inaccessible.

Something has to be up with the account. Unfortunately, I’m out of ideas.

I just realized I’m a moron. I also answer questions for another carrier and I just realized that I’m seeing dozens and dozens of questions a day of people who can’t get in to their Yahoo accounts on their phones. Haven’t found a solution there either, but I’m posting this to say that I think there’s nothing you can do to fix this right now, it appears to be on Yahoo’s end.

Good to know, at least. Thanks!

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