Phone Won't Text to US Number

I have a Moto G6. Two summers ago, we went on a trip to Mexico, where we used a local SIM card. When we arrived home, we switched back to Republic.

Since then, a couple of phone numbers that I texted right after getting back Stateside have had some problems:

  • The numbers show up as 044 numbers in text chains. This isn’t a big deal, but is annoying.

  • Some of these same numbers won’t allow me to text them. The Republic Wireless alert says: Please Use a valid number for SMS. (Only US and Canadian phone numbers are supported). But these numbers are US numbers AND they are in my Google Contacts as such.

Does anyone know a way to fix this? I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the contact with no luck.

This is just a guess, but perhaps it has something to do with “Assisted dialing” in the Phone app. Try turning it off for a few seconds, and then back on again:

  1. From a Home screen, tap Phone.
  2. From the Phone screen, tap the Menu icon. …
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Assisted dialing.
  5. Turn Assisted dialing off and wait a few seconds.
  6. Turn Assisted dialing back on (or just leave it off since your phone is incapable of dialing international numbers on Republic Wireless).

I’m afraid that I don’t know whether this will work or not, but based on some of the feedback I’ve come across, it’s at least worth trying.

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