Phone won't unlock; stays black

Maybe the new update has changed the way the phone can be unlocked, but I see the time on the phone, but I can’t make any phone calls or even turn it off. I can’t open the phone at all because I see the lock on it but I can’t unlock it. I normally swipe the phone from left to right to unlock it, but that’s not working now. I tried double tapping it, thinking that maybe the new update locks it that way. I don’t know what else to do. If I swipe down, the icon shows a lock that is open, but the rest of the screen remains black; I can’t do anything with it.

What do I do?

Hi @jeffb.0d0ycs

Can you boot into Safe Mode ?

Try tapping the power button before attempting to unlock and see if that helps you. Also as you noted the unlock action is now vertical instead of horizontal.

You might also try doing a touch-and-hold on the black screen and then while maintaining screen contact slide toward the icon you want whether it is the phone or to unlock.

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