Phones able to be used for the original unlimited plan?

Hi, I have had the original unlimited plan with Republic Wireless since the company started and I know they changed things and you have to be using certain phones to still keep your original unlimited plan - I have the Moto X 1st Gen - does anyone know which phones I can buy to keep my plan - I need a new used phone - thanks!

  • Moto E (1st Gen XT1019)
  • Moto E2 (2nd Gen XT1526)
  • Moto G1 (1st Gen XT1031)
  • Moto G3 (3rd Gen XT1548)
  • Moto X1 & X2 - (1st Gen XT1049 ) (2nd Gen XT1094 )

In addition to knowing the phones shared by @cbwahlstrom, you need to know that the phone must be a republic wireless phone. Follow this guide Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help when purchasing a used legacy phone.

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