Phones Echoes and Don't Receive All My Text Messages



I have the Nexus 5X and a lot of times the person on the other end of the line complains about hearing an echo on their end. It happens to whoever I am talking to, whether it be an Android or Apple or Verizon or Republic Wireless. I’ve tried turning my phone on and off but the problem still happens every so often. Also I have been finding out that over the last few weeks I have not received a lot of text messages. It’s been happening more often lately, again with both Android and Apple phones and different carriers, my phone just doesn’t seem to be getting them. Any ideas on how to fix these problems or why they may be occurring?


Hi @karlv
How long (how many words) are these texts? I find people typing long texts it gets out of order sometimes when it’s sent or I don’t receive it. This document may help.


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