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Does Republic wireless still sell the moto g4 phone. If so how much? i couldn’t locate that phone in the listings?

Short answer is no. B&H Photo still has it:

You’ll need to purchase separately a Republic 3.0 SIM. You may do so from Republic here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:


thank you. are there different sim cards, or am i safe as long as it has republic wireless starter kit on it?

Republic SIM kits are 3 in 1 universal sized meaning the card may be sized to fit any Republic 3.0 phone. More from Republic here: Installing Your SIM Card – Republic Help.

If you’re referring to the cellular coverage provisioned on the SIM, all bring your own phones activate on the network of Republic’s GSM partner. If that coverage proves inadequate, some Republic supported phones (the G4 among them) can be be moved to the network of Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint). If all this sounds like gibberish, don’t concern yourself with it. Should you run into coverage issues, just raise a help ticket and Republic will do everything possible to assist.


ok great. Thanks for your time.


I noticed the phone for sale include G4 line…g4 plus, g4 and g4 play. They are out of stock. Was not sure if this is permanent. You might think that they will remove the listing in the phone section. It appears that they would be getting more if they are leaving it still available. Anyone know?

There’s some RW info on the G4 & G4 Plus availability here: Moto G4 or G4 plus phones


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