Phones made in China


Are there any Republic phones available that aren’t made in China?


Is there a particular phone made exclusively in the U.S. with components made exclusively in the U.S. that you would like to see Republic Wireless certify?



The Ascend 5W is a Korean phone if that helps!

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Edit : LG is Korean and Huawei is a China company per DRM186 post.


I don’t think there are any phones (never mind which carrier) that aren’t made entirely in China, and if you can still find any that are assembled elsewhere, perhaps even in the USA, you’ll find that it’s only the final assembly - assembling the sandwich (screen, motherboard, battery, back cover), if you will - of the Chinese manufactured components.

Edit: Oops, I forgot Korea. Thanks, @bocephous !


Samsung phones are made in Vietnam, Korea, India, and Brazil in addition to China. Before Lenova bought Motorola some Motorola phone were assembled in the U.S. with parts originating in many countries.


are there any phones built elsewhere (not just a republic issue)

other than the original Moto X which was built in Texas from imported parts made in china all other Moto have been built in China (and Motorola was bought by a Chinese company Lenovo) (all Moto’s and the Nexus 6)

Huawei is a Chinese company also (Nexus 6P, Ascend 5W )

LG is a Korean which builds in China (Nexus 5X)

Samsung (a Korean Company) phones may you best chance as some are made in Korea and the rest are made in China

(as note HTC only makes there phones in Taiwan but that is almost as bad as China)


drm186 wrote:

only makes there phones in Taiwan but that is almost as bad as China

Unsure where you get your info but Taiwan has been manufacturing quality products much longer than China.


My info is Taiwan is China (the Republic of China) which mainland China(People Republic of China) has a claimed


The govt. of communist mainland China does believe that too. Does your info include that mainland ships excess low tech manufacturing to the ROC to help out the islanders?