Phones Not Receiving Data in Some Locations

My wife and I each have a Republic phone. We spend roughly half of the year in Michigan, and half in Florida. Early in 2021 we put new SIMs in our phones to get better service in Florida. Now, November 2021, both of our phones get data only in spotty areas. Phone calls and texting work OK.

Signal strength is very good so that’s not the problem. The signal triangle has an “x” in the lower right corner. There’s also a small “R” at the upper left of the triangle along with “LTE” to the left of that. No amount of rebooting or changing settings that I know about has made any difference.

So obviously something changed over the summer. In Michigan we live near Holland 49423, and in Florida we are about 6 miles north of Inglis 34449. Any help will be appreciated.


The X = image
The R = image

  • What you didn’t state is:
    • Which phone do you have?
    • Which carrier are you currently connected to ?
    • Where are the phones currently experiencing problems?

We have a Moto g7 Power and a Moto x4. To the best of my knowledge we are both on Sprint.
The phones are working fine in Michigan, but during our trip down last week we began experiencing problems in mid-Alabama along I-65. Service was on / off at unpredictable areas during the remainder of the trip.

Here at 6 miles north of Inglis we both do not have data service, but good 60-100% signal levels. On a short trip into Inglis itself a couple of nights ago we had good service.
Hope that helps.

Hi @larynl.baeifu,

The “R” indicates the phone is roaming. Republic does not provide roaming cell data. When roaming, generally, one will have talk & text but regardless of the roaming signal’s strength there will be no cell data.

If you once had cell data in areas where you now are seeing roaming coverage, we should verify which SIM type your phones are provisioned with. Here’s the how to:

Please let us know whether you see GSM or CDMA?

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Please provide @rolandh the answer to the question on which SIM, and I will defer to him or others to continue discussion

We are on the CDMA network.

Hi @larynl.baeifu,

Presuming you were able to access cell data in the locations where your phones now indicates roaming, you might try:

Hi rolandh, I reset the cellular settings as you suggested but still no change.

Hi @larynl.baeifu,

Is the issue in Michigan or Florida? Based on what I see on the maps, neither of Republic’s network partners has what I would call robust coverage in and around Inglis.

I would say CDMA (legacy Sprint network) coverage is better than GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage, however, there’s large areas of “partner” (a/k/a roaming) coverage on both networks. Your experience of not getting cell data in areas of roaming coverage is as expected. Am I understanding correctly, you used to receive cell data in and around Inglis?

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Hi rolandh, now finally as of last night I have good internet service here, but that’s another story…

The issue is in Florida. Coverage IN Inglis, in town, is very good. But we live 6 miles north of Inglis, where as I said earlier, coverage was good last spring, but not this fall. And the issue is many other areas around here too, Some places is fine, others I’ll have perhaps full signal, but with the “x” in the lower right corner of the wedge.

So if Republic does not offer good coverage with its partners, is roaming an alternative? What would that mean as far as costs, etc.?

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