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Bought new Moto phone to replace old Moto phone. I switched the numbers just fine. When I look on the account, I don’t see the old phone, not even under old phones. How do I know it is canceled and I am not paying for something I’m not using? When the old phone was on, I would still get e-mails on it.



I meant, I don’t see it under “canceled phones”


Hi @marilyng,

If the new phone took on the old phone’s telephone number, then you didn’t cancel the line, and that’s why it won’t show up as cancelled.

If you want to be sure that the old phone is deactivated, open the Republic app on it and tell us what it says. Or try to make a call.

Any Android phone, even when not activated, will function like a tablet, so it will continue to get E-mail when it’s on a WiFi network.

If you’d like me to discuss account details with you, let me know and I’ll message you privately.

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The fact that your number is on a new phone means the old one is deactivated. A number can’t be on two phones at once.


I was concerned that the new phone came with a new number and the phones just switched.

I opened up Republic Wireless on OLD phone and is says, “Activate Now”. So, looks like there is no phone account attached to it.

So, like you said, it just works as a tablet? So I could, essentially, can just use it for Internet. Right?

Thanks for your response!


You can!

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