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I tried to search this topic not to repeat posts but I keep getting posts from 2017.

This is probably because of covid…are any of the phones going to be in stock soon? My teenager cracked their screen and got water in the phone. They will be purchasing the replacement. Right now all the lower cost options are out of stock? Is there a time frame when more phones will be in stock or added to purchase?

Thank you!

There are a few posts sprinkled throughout the community discussing the out of stock situation. Here’s a link to a recent one:

If there’s a phone you’re interested in, mention it here. There are plenty of community members who will be happy to help you find a phone you’re looking for that is compatible with Republic Wireless. Sometimes you can even save some money.

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When I check in the republic wireless store, I see the 3 least expensive phones listed are in stock. The least expensive is the Moto G play.

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You might also consider going the used route if that suits your budget


I myself ( RW ) and my wife ( who is on a different network ,begins with the letter C ) who both bought phones off of eBay had a great experience. Don’t be worried about open box phones, just make sure you READ the description! I have bought new and open box from eBay and had no issues. The open box were like brand new IMO , condition 9.9/10. They have to say that because it’s an open box. Just make sure if you are BYOP you get the correct model number Republic requires you to get, again READ CAREFULLY! You can buy a brand new one as well on eBay. But, with an open box you will see significant savings. Again, do your homework, read carefully, do not just go on there blindly clicking. Any questions, ask the seller. A good seller will respond back! Look at how many stars they have, that is their rating. Be cautious of one star sellers. I myself am looking into a Moto G 2021 Power. But I’m holding off to see what NEW phones RW will offer. The holidays, including 2022 are just around the corner RW. I would start to announce something and soon if I were you.

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I apologize I should have been more specific. Any of the midpriced phones that have more than 32g are not in stock at that moment. I do see one of the Samsungs is back in stock. Thanks!

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