We currently have three phones ( two motog3 & one moto e) and are using the refund plan. I would like to buy two of the newer phones on the newest plan, but keeep the three phones we currently have on the refund plan (they won’t work with the newer plan) for my kids. Do I need to purchase the new phones under a new account to avoid accidentally switching plans and affecting service on the phones we already have?

All you have to do is activate the new phones as replacements for the old, moving their numbers. Then factory reset the old phones and activate them either as additional phones in your account (they will get new numbers) or in new accounts setup for the kids. Having the kids in their own accounts but with your credit card simplifies things later on when they leave the next. All they have to do at that point is replace your credit card with theirs.

So we can have 5 phones on 2 different plans on one account?

yes one can the pans are linked to the phone not the account

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