Phones Unlocked?


Are our Republic Wireless phones unlocked?


all new 3.0 phones are US Regional from the Factory Unlock

The old legacy Phones

{Moto X [1st & 2nd],Moto E [1st & 2nd], Moto G [1st & 3rd], Motorola Defy (beta), and LG Optimus S (beta)} while not legally locked they have a custom ROM that is incompatible with any other provider in the world with a lock boot-loader so one can not install a different ROM

note the Beta phones can no long be activated


All of those you see in the Phones section are unlocked. None of the phones they previously sold are unlocked. The locked (because they are hybrid phones with firmware unique to RW) are their Moto X (1st Gen), Moto X (2nd Gen), Moto G (1st Gen), Moto G (3rd Gen), Moto E (1st Gen), Moto E (2nd Gen) and the Defy XT which can no longer be activated with any carrier.