Phones wanted to be supported as BYOP

I have encountered many troubles in using my current Moto E2,
such as taking was disconnected when using cell-net,
unable to browser when using cell-net, unable using app on cell,
and even unable make calls either with WiFi or on cell, no matter
how many times I powered off and then powered on.

I have other two phones in hand available as BYOP.
But they were said not being supported by RW yet,
and I was instructed to suggest the phones be added to
the list of RW BYOP.

Please add Huawei’s “Honor 10” and “Mate 9” to the list of RW BYOP.
This way will help me to use RW service better.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ming, Welcome to the community. I’ll be honest, I don’t think you’re going to be seeing any Huawei devices added to the Republic BYOP program any time soon. With the current state of relations between the US and China and the pending ban on American companies doing business with Huawei it wouldn’t make any sense for Republic to invest their very limited resources on making that happen due to the very high risk that the phones are dead-ends from an Android perspective and a US support perspective.

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Huawei’s time in the USA is limited…even Google has starting cutting them off from having Google Services.

Nokia Phones would be a far better device to support on RW.
They are very good hardware for their price and get very fast updates.

Hi Louis,
Thank you for sharing.
Best wish!

Thank you for sharing!
Best wish!

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