Phones we'd like to see supported at Republic

I’ve been looking for a new phone to replace my Moto X pure and have been considering the Moto G7 but after seeing the Nokia 7.1 I’d love to have the option to bring that to Republic.

NFC is a big deal, going from my X pure, which has NFC, to a G7 without it doesn’t really seem like an upgrade. I’m also looking for a phone that will have better software update support like others have noted.

Best value-priced phone right now that offers NFC is probably the X4.


the Amazon Prime version of the 32 Gbyte model X4 is $130 right now. You can just disable Alexa and other Amazon apps if you don’t want them.

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I searched and could not find this anywhere on this forum. Can we suggest new phones and/or OEMs that we’d love Republic to try to support?

Since my RW Moto Z turned into a paperweight after upgrading to Oreo, I’m very interested in Asus, which is bringing their new ZenFone 6 to the US soon.

You can make suggestions here:

As Republic has no prior Asus devices, and requires a relationship with the OEM in order to consider it, I’d say it is a very long shot.


Asus is saying it will be available in the summer. Looks great.

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Wow almost perfect. Really like the wide angle lens, camera that folds down flush (so it doesn’t scratch as easy). the flat screen that isn’t as easy to crack as the Galaxy’s curved edge ones, and that truly FULL screen. I don’t like to assume anything but I couldn’t find an IP** rating in the spec section of the ASUS website. Water resistance would be a must for me but I’d sacrifice the the front facing camera to keep the full screen and wide angle lens if that would make it IP68. Small enough to fit in a buttoned shirt pocket like my Moto G would be perfect. Of course they won’t make one like that since I’m the only person who’s never taken a selfie.

The LG G6 has an IP68 rating and a 125 degree lens. I have a friend with one and I was tempted to leave Republic to get one. Some of the earlier ZenFones have wide angle lenses as well.

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I’d be a fan of them adding support for LG. And not just one anemic model like there is now. They don’t have to sell them, just support them.

I bought my Z2 Play direct from Motorola about 6 months ago new with the assurance that Pie would be coming. If not, it would be a big letdown.


LG is really not any better. The LG V40 factory unlocked got Pie in the last week and the factory unlocked G7 still hasn’t. Given the price of these phones the performance is no better than Moto.

Maybe. But at a decent price point and with expandable memory, what are better options? (Not real sure if there are, but worth the asking)

Lotsa members out there, fishing for some other ideas!

I like the Android One Nokias, however, as with many more moderately priced options other than Motorola, they would be GSM only.


LG’s eventually get to a decent price point, but certainly don’t start there. The G7 started at $749, the V40 at $899, The V50 at $1,152. The one big thing with LG cells is NEVER buy them at launch because 3 months later they’ll cost 30% less at least.

As far as other options, I second Nokia, and would add Blu to the list.

I’m not a fan of LG after the bootlooping G4 and Nexus 5x debacles.
I too would love to see Android One Nokia’s supported by Republic. Also have heard good things about OnePlus.


The Samsung A50 has been getting stellar reviews - has Republic Wireless given any indication that any of the new A-Series phones might be coming to the network?

Fairphone is a product that’s focused on greener and more transparent and equitable manufacturing process. It’s currently not compatible with a lot of US carriers, but I would love to see Republic Wireless work with Fairphone to make it the first US-compatible phones. Can we do it? Let’s make this happen!



I’m going to put this at somewhere between 0% and 0% probability. Republic can’t spend resources focusing on a device that basically sells in quantities that can be counted on one hand. In addition, the phone supports NONE of the US LTE bands necessary for service, making it a technical impossibility in the first place.

I’m really excited about that Asus Zenfone 6. It has really good specs, and is decently affordable too. I plan on buying two in the next couple months (for the wife and I), and would really love to stay with Republic wireless. Asus is very willing to work with developers too. Please, add this phone!

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I would much rather see Republic work with developing for OnePlus (high end) and/or Nokia (mid-range). Both of these OEMs are already sold via carriers and have either stock or close to stock Android.
Please Republic, please give us more options that aren’t Moto!!


I think this is a GREAT IDEA. Republic Wireless should seriously consider the Fairphone. The specs are very decent. I use mostly WiFi and it looks like the phone is able to use the T-Mobile sevice.

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