Phones with always-on listening for "ok google"?


Hi. We are current RW customers, since beta in my case. I need to get a new phone for my mother because she is having a lot of trouble with the battery, and neither of us has bought one since the first-gen Moto X years ago. She wants one with similar features to her old Moto X, especially that it should always be listening for her voice commands and can answer her even when the screen is off/locked/not charging. Reading texts out loud and replying by voice while driving is also a feature she uses, I’ve heard there are apps for that but don’t know if they work while locked? There are no bluetooth devices in her car so she can’t use Trusted Devices/Smart Lock. I was thinking about getting her the first-gen Moto Z Play due to the great battery even though she’d likely never use mods, but I saw a random comment where someone said the Z Play doesn’t support always-listening. I was under the impression that all Moto phones had a low-power voice processor just for this purpose, can anyone let me know for sure? And are there any other RW-supported brands or phones that support this? I think Samsung Galaxy S7 supports it for “S Voice”, and my mother would probably love the camera quality, but we don’t want that unless it can easily be changed to use Google’s assistant. Thanks!



“However, know that you can’t have ‘Ok Google’ voice command working from lock screen on S7 or S7 Edge. You must unlock the screen to use ‘Ok Google’ and call out your command.”



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