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I think I somehow added a photo button directly to the UI of messenger and it’s really annoying. The button is circled in the screenshot. I used to have to previously hit the Plus Button to bring down the menu for emojis/photos etc. Now it is somehow directly on my screen. How do I get the button back down into the drop down menu?

Interesting, I don’t see that on my phone.

Just to make sure, you say your using the Google Messages app? What version of Messages are you using?

If this is a text message app, you can always reset the settings by clearing the data for the app itself. This shouldn’t affect the messages since they are stored in a different database.

Yep google messages. App version 3.8.043

I managed to find a reference completely by accident.

As part of the 3.7 update, there was a new button added into the code itself.

They may be still A/B testing the button to see how users are liking it. I haven’t found a setting to turn it on or off yet.

Update: Now that I’m sort of know what I’m looking for, one more link:

Thanks. Looks like I’ll just have to learn to deal with it unless there is a way to turn it off.

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