Photo Rotation not working properly anymore

Google Pixel XL
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When i take sideways pictures or video now, the phone does not automatically rotate them to a normal viewing position anymore.
then i get a notification that “some of my photos are sideways” or whatever. and I have to fix them manually.
started maybe a couple weeks ago.
what’s the deal.

no responses on this one?

  • As you have a possible start date of the problem, I would suggest the following:
    • Boot up in Safe Mode, this will prevent 3rd party apps from loading and possibly help point to a recently updated app. This is not a suggested ‘fix’ but if it is better post back and some help in narrowing down the 3rd party app can be provided.
    • Verify if the phone’s accelerometer is functioning by doing a self-test. This will help to see what the real issue is when the Google Pixel screen won’t rotate. You can do this by pressing the code *#0*# on the Google Pixel dial pad. Once you are in the service mode screen, tap on Sensors and perform a self-test;

Try clearing the camera app cache.

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ok i did that, does not seem to have any effect. thank you.

the #0# does not work, says Republic does not allow. I will try the safe mode

i started up in safe mode. not sure what to do next. it is telling me the dial pad thing doesn’t work. says i need to be out of Airplane Mode (I am) and connected to a network (I am). So I am in Safe Mode, let me know what to do next. thanks!

Sorry, going into SafeMode just prevents all of your 3rd party apps from loading, now you should just try the things that failed before, if they still fail the cause normally is not caused by a recent update or adding of an app (but still could be caused by an update to the phone by the manufacture. As I don’t have an Pixel phone, I have no direct knowledge of Pixels, but am relying on general info and the Internet :slight_smile:

You might want to take a look at the Pixel help forums:

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ok so now the photo rotate to normal works. what does this mean?

  1. To me, this would mean that a 3rd party app that you either downloaded or was updated about the time the problem was discovered by you is probably the culprit.
  • Now you need to go about finding and either updating the app or removing it.
  • 1st I would ensure that you have installed all the updates by accessing the Play Store and allow any updates to install (ensure you’re on WiFi to prevent burning your data)
  • You may have to use the procedure outlined below to find how to update your existing apps
  1. If all updates are applied and you still have the problem.
  • It looks like they (Google) have changed how to find what you have installed and manage them, checking two phones it likes this may work
  • Press and hold the Play Store icon until you see ‘My apps’ appear
    • Select My Apps, then the ‘Manage’ tab
    • Sort by recently updated, find any that were installed/updated shortly before you started having the problem, and then remove (one then re-test) … until the rotational problem disappears, last removed would be the bad one
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awesome new thing by holding the Play Store button icon down! didn’t know that and love it. Google has been monkeying with a bunch of stuff and i have had a hard time finding some things. but so far i have removed a bunch of items and nothing has changed. will keep going. thanks @jben !

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so I went through deleting and removing Apps, but I never did pinpoint a specific app that was the issue. Interestingly enough, after another reboot or so, it seemed to be fixed. It worked for a time, but now it has come back, or it kind of seems on and off at this point. nonetheless, i guess it’s mostly solved. some sort of app is messing with me. I am not totally convinced it is a third party app though, it may be one that is hard wired to the phone.

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