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I cannot transfer photos from my MOTO X PLUS to my PC. I have tried all the suggestions I have seen so far. The MOTO X PLUS seems to have no file structure I can find on my PC file management, and when I request transfer photos it replies there are none on the device, yet there are since I can see them. My previous Moto x First gen worked just like an external drive, and I could move pics at will. I am very disappointed with this MOTO X PLUS, not only because the camera is useless for me, but also because the RF sensitivity is less than my Moto x 1st gen. Only reason I changed was to get the better camera, and that is not useful if I cannot get the photos from it.

How about when you go to Are the photos there?

Google Photos Help: Back up photos & videos

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The default connection type changed to charge only. Pull down the notification shade and change the connection type after connecting the phone to the PC. Then you will be able to see the file structure.

I have one that I used USB to connect to Win 10 netbook. It connected once and refused after that first time. So I use this:

You can download the computer app and Android App from that link, just scroll down a little. This has saved me a lot of frustration. To make sure you don’t use any of your data, put your phone in Airplane mode and turn on WiFi manually.

On the newer Android System, I think this is sort of a “security” feature so a person can’t just plug your phone in and read your data without you knowing.

The phone has two modes of transfer you should be able to switch into.

  • MTP is a multimedia mode where the phone reveils everything. This mode, you can find your photos under DCIM folder. You can also move any file such as movies, music, books, etc. **Of note, if you use a Apple computer, you do need a program called Android File Transfer to access the phone’s files.
    *PTP is pure photo mode. This makes the phone appear as a camera on the computer and focuses down on the camera photos folder. This mode also is the one that will work with with camera programs that directly import photos from cameras onto a computer. (aka this should work directly with iPhoto for example)

Or you can use another app on your phone to help transfer photos. My personal one that I use is AirDroid which can help access phone features from a computer.

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Photos are there, discovered download method, and unzipped them. Now I can edit them. Thank you for this help, I did not know how to find my photos on google before.

Brian Johnson


As a Mac user, I can verify using PTP as opposed to MTP is the easiest way to transfer photos to a Mac’s photo management program (app). A point of information (just in case folks with newer macOS operating systems are viewing), Apple now calls that photo management app Photos. iPhoto was retired in early 2015.

I see no reference to settings of charging port when I pull down the notifications shade. Only the symbols of the installed apps that are on my phone. Is there a clearer way to explain how to set the USB to tx/rx plus charge? I would much prefer to use a cable than web access to my pictures.

Hi @brianj.m18cxo,

If things are working as they are supposed to, you’ll see a notification similar to this:

Tapping that produces this:

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What is the name on the notification shade that enables communication through the PC? When I pull down the shade I cannot see any heading that will enable comm. with the PC

Brian Johnson

HI Brian,

That notification only appears when the phone is connected to the PC. If you don’t see it tell us what you see on the PC, if anything, when you first connect the phone to it.


To open the notification shade swipe downward from the top of the screen.

When I connect to the PC the screen display is:

Time and day date

“Risk of severe weather on black part of screen

Missed call notice


Nothing else

Tap on Charging.

Thanks, I have been able to get my pictures and videos.


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