Photos and messages won't download in texts in 5.0

Moto G Plan


Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Since moving to 5.0, some text messages and photos in those messages won’t download. The blue dot is stuck on “downloading”. I’ve cleared the data and cache for the app and also did a stop app. No luck. Any ideas? Phone is connected to a wifi network.

You can check here if your phone supports WiFi MMS.

Very few phones seem to support that feature…so if your phone doesn’t support WiFi MMS you will need access to cellular data to get those photos to download.

I did send a photo by text from another phone to the one in question and it worked fine. both phones were on the same wifi network.

You may want to double check your APN settings.

Perhaps other members with 5.0 plan phones can chime in with other suggestions.

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Adding the APN settings worked! Thank you! I highly recommend to anyone that has the same issue and wants to add these APN settings, use the video guide. The document is good, but the video made it very easy to do the settings.

Thank you again!