Photos disappear

I did a complete factory reset to my MG4 to resolve the issue of not having my phone ring on incoming calls and that issue was resolved. Now when I take pictures I can see the photos until I turn my phone off. Then when I turn it back on they are gone. Where are they going?

Which app are you using to save pictures in ? (Gallery or Google Photo’s) I would check there maybe!


The G4s do not have the gallery app, so the photos should be in the Google Photos App

Do you use an SD card to store your photos? Did you reconfigure it as internal memory after the factory reset?

Start with clearing the cache

Also clear the data for your Photos app
Settings -> Apps -> Photos -> Storage -> Clear Data

Also, connect your phone to a computer and see if you are able to browse to the Camera
folder and see if you can locate your photos there, so that we can figure out if the photos don’t exist because they aren’t being saved…or if the link is broken through the app.

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