Photos not downloading in text msgs

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Samsung S8
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My choice
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Issue Description

<!-when I receive text mags with photos they just say downloading and never comes up! I use my phone at work and that is a service I need. I tried shutting off wifi and still did not work.

which texting app are you using ? the native Samsung app ? Republic Anywhere ? Android Messages ? some other 3rd party app?
the Native Samsung app is not comparable with Republic IP based texting service ans MMS (picture text) will not work and your text would look to other as if coming from the wrong number
3rd Party apps may or may not work depending on if they can support System API (over the default API) and this would need to be set up in the app setting
If it’s Republic anywhere or Android Messages I would recommend clearing the app cache.

Was Samsung may app but switched to Anywhere and still not downloading. How do you clear app cache?

I don’t have a Samsung device but I believe one needs to go to the Settings --Apps – Anywhere --storage – and an option should be there to clear cashe

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