Photos Sent In Texts Received As Videos Not Photos


A friend of mine has a Moto E4. If I take a photo and try to send it in a text message she receives it as a video, rather than a photo. The photo appears as a short video and then disappears. I have to send it as a link to her in order for it to open properly. I’m sure there must be a setting that is not correct, but I have no idea where to look. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @darianr.3wql3h

Just to be sure, we know your friend is using a Moto E4. What service does your friend have?
What service and phone do you have?

I have seen the issue where photos appear as a video before but it was on the old Defy XT beta phone. I haven’t heard about it recently.

What apps are you and your friend using for your text messages? The one built into the phone or another one such as Google Messages?
Are you sending one photo or multiple photos at a time?

While I can’t say how to stop it at this moment, one idea I have is to try to press and hold on the photo/image to get more options. While the photos appear as video, you may be still able to save the photo(s) down to the phone as individual pictures.

If that doesn’t work, let us know too and we can try to figure something out.


Happywillow, thanks for getting back in touch with me. I was mistaken about
my friend’s phone. She has a Moto E2 and service with AT&T. I’m not sure
what messenger app she has, but I’m sure it’s whatever comes on an E2. I’ll
check with her today if I can and get back with you.

I have a Moto G4, service with Republic, and Android Messenger.

The problem occurs when I send just one photo.

I’ll try your suggestion and see if I get some results. She may just have
to take it by an AT&T store.

I’ll get back with you on the matter. Thank you again for your assistance.

Mr. Darian Rachal


Happywillow, my friend has Messenger for her text messages on her phone,
which I’m sure came on the phone; she’s not one to change apps.


Happywillow, I have Republic Anywhere installed on my computer, but
Messenger on my phone. I was occasionally having trouble with messages not
going through with Anywhere on my phone if not on wifi. I sent a photo in a
text to my friend through Anywhere on my computer and she was able to open
it normally. I later sent the same photo to her through Messenger and it
still came out as a video. I may have to reinstall Anywhere on my phone, I
guess and hope the problem I had has cleared up.


Happywillow, we changed the app on my friend’s phone to Android Messenger and the photos I send her no longer come across as a video.


I have accidentally left my camera in video mode and taken short videos when I thought I was taking pictures. Any chance this is what happened? You can tell by look at your pictures with the Photos app.


Bill, thanks for taking the time to respond. The problem seemed to be the
SMS app she was using. For some reason the Android Messenger app doesn’t
cause this problem.


Thanks for figuring this out. This thread will be useful for others who run into this problem.