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My wife got a new phone on another service. Her old phone (Moto G4) has many pictures that she now wants to transfer to her computer (PC). I used a cable to attach the old phone to her computer. I brought up a screen with the picture transfer protocal. The transfer did not take place because the phone appears to be locked out of the internet. The screen says we must contact Republic. All we want to do is transfer the pictures to her PC. She will not be using the phone anymore. How do we proceed. Thanks. PS I am a long time Republic user and intend to stay so. John Vranizan

Whether or not the phone is active on Republic Wireless should make no difference in transferring files. My guess is that the message you are seeing is just coincidental to transferring the pictures over. It’s likely the pictures are already backed up to the cloud (check when logged in to your wife’s Google account). If you still want to transfer them using the USB cable, see the tutorial at:

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