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I’m not sure if I’ve done something to change the setting but I’m not able to physically type when trying to text. It automatically goes to voice. I did go to SETTINGS, SYSTEM, LANGUAGES & INPUT and it shows “physical keyboard not connected”. Thank you for any assistance. I should mention it’s an Android Moto G Power.

Don’t have a G Power but on my X4 (which works fine) it also shows "physical keyboard not connected’ as you would normally be utilizing a virtual keyboard
Under Virtual keyboard, mine shows Gboard, Google voice typing, and when I Tap the Virtual keyboard it shows Gboard and Google voice typing (automatic under it)
Check Manage keyboards and see what you have turned on

Hi @davidc.ce92rf,

In addition to the help @jben gave you, here is a Republic article on the topic:


Thank you so much for your assistance. I’ve been messing with this for days and the fix was enabling “gboard”.

Thanks again…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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