Picture transfer from Moto G Fast

When I try to transfer photos from my Moto G Fast to my computer via USB cable, I can navigate through the phone menus on the computer, but when I try to copy or access the photos I get error messages that the device is unavailable, or the photos are the wrong format (they are jpgs). Sometimes if I reconnect it enough times I can quickly transfer a single photo, but then the error messages start again. I did not have this problem until a couple months ago, and I haven’t changed my computer or phone. I know a workaround is using the google cloud storage, but I want to solve the problem. Any ideas? Is it definitely my phone, or could it be the computer? (It’s a PC with the latest version of Windows 10)

Try a different USB cable first. Not all cables support data transfer.

I haven’t transferred anything from phone to computer in some time, but here is the support article from Motorola (which notes that certain versions of Windows 10 may require the installation of Windows Media Feature Pack):


@laural.yoccm8 Welcome to the community. I hope you were able to resolve this and am just checking-in to see if you had any additional questions on getting photos transferred.

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