Picture transfer to computer from Moto G5+S

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New Moto G5S+
Trying to transfer pictures from the phone to computer. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Find the Moto G (5S+) and Right Click. Select “Import pictures and videos”. Then I get the message that there are no pictures or videos found on this device.
This phone replaces a Moto X 1st gen. With that phone the pics were directly available when I connected to USB.
Is there a setting that I’m missing on the G5 that allows pictures to be transferred to computer???

Hi @glendonh.bwms1o

If you swipe down from the top of the new phone while it is connected via USB, you should have options, usually the default is USB charging only. Check that and let us know.


I believe @c1tobor has given you the correct answer. I just want you to know that with the Photos app your pictures can be in the Google cloud. From there they can be copied to your computer, shared with friends, edited, etc.



Thanks, but I don’t see any options about USB. Only see Wifi, Republic, battery, Do not disturb, Flashlight, auto Rotate, Bluetooth, Airplane mode. Am I at the right place??

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You may have swiped down from the top of the screen twice if you are seeing all those choices. Try going back to the Home screen and try swiping one time from the top of the screen.

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Ok, got it finally. Really appreciate the help.



Thanks ! -Glen


Got it - Thanks !!


Just a point of interest for others reading this thread…2(two) one-finger swipes is the same as 1(one) two-finger swipes. It’s easy to pull up menus, but a smartphone these days recognizes how many digits are touching the screen.


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