Pictures won't download in text messages

What phone do you have?
Moto g power 2020
What plan are you on?
My Choice + Data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

When I receive texts from some people (family members using Republic) the pictures they send show up as a download icon. Clicking on the icon does not open the picture.

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Can you tell us what messaging app you’re using and whether it makes any difference if the phone is on WiFi or cell when the message arrives?

Same problem with my SO’s Moto X 2nd Gen running Anywhere.

Using Messages by google app

We are trying different combinations to narrow down conditions but it seems this is happening when out of the house, on data but a wifi is available but not connected to it. Starting to look like turning off wifi allows the messages to be sent. Never had this problem with the older moto 5g

Hi @Bonappi onappi,

That’s very well narrowed down! I’m wondering if perhaps the phone is connecting to the network, but since you’re not taking steps to agree to the network’s terms, there’s no internet access.

If you search the phone’s Settings for WiFi preferences, is “Connect to public networks” toggled on or off? You might want to try it being off.


I suspect your SO’s Moto X2 using Anywhere may need separate troubleshooting. Do you want me to move your post to its own topic?

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No, we are apart right now due to the pandemic and she doesn’t want to troubleshot the problem. Anywhere downloads photos on her computer so she has a way to access them. I’ll be at her place in a few weeks. I suppose Anywhere on her legacy phone might not play nicely with recent changes.

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@Bonappi Were you ever able to get this resolved?

Turned off the auto connect to public wifi and problem resolved and has not reappeared


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