Pie for Moto G6 and G6 Play - YES!

Just received a notification that Pie is ready for download on our Moto G6’s. Has anyone heard about this or, better yet, installed the upgrade? Not sure we want to be beta testers :slight_smile:

UPDATE – Went ahead and updated one of our Moto G6’s to PIE. See post 7 below for more information. Thanks to those who responded to this original question.


Seems like it’s finally rolling out. Just checked my son’s but no update yet.

Saw a few posts about it on Reddit and no issues that I have read with the US rollout


Just updated mine and everything is working fine. Updated all apps and that is good as well. Slightly different look and feel. Not sure I like it better than 8 but it’s up to date and that is better in my book.


I can confirm that it is an official update and that Republic is aware and has it as an official build it supports.


Thanks @mvictoria621 , @timk.sw5b6u and @louisdi for your responses. Great to hear that RW is aware and has it as an official build they support. Think we’ll wait to take the plunge until after we get back from a trip.

Good to know that Republic will work if and when we finally get the update.

I must say, all the Reddit posts about Pie have me checking updates way too much. My son wants Pie like his big sister!

It’s just funny. People get obsessed with these updates and in most cases they’re just a major let down when you get them. I’ve yet to hear about anyone’s life that was improved by an Android update!


Not obsessed with the update but the notification nag was becoming a pain. So we bit the bullet and decided to update one of our Moto G6’s. Took about 25 minutes total to D/L and install PIE, and to update Moto Actions and Moto Help (previously device help). Heard first “Hello Moto” about 18 minutes into the update.

System is now at Build PPS29.118-11-1. Everything seems to be working well. May not know for a while because of the UI changes. Have to figure out where some items are and new swipe gestures. No data loss that we can find for any app.

For background - the phone is a Moto G6 Model Number PAAE0009US with 64GB Storage + 4GB RAM. Also has a Samsung 128GB 100MB/s SD expansion card installed as portable storage. Did not remove SD before doing the update. Phone was charged but put it on charger just in case, also set display sleep to 30 minutes. D/L update on strong home 5GHz WiFi network. And we only have a handful of apps installed that were not part of the factory install.

Hope others have the same good experience with the update. Will update the second phone tonight and report if there are any issues :crossed_fingers:

UPDATE – We are now 2 for 2 on successful PIE updates on our Moto G6’s! Servers must have been getting hit hard this afternoon because it took 1 hr and 10 min just to D/L the update. Then had to install PIE, and update Moto Actions and Moto Help (previously device help). Still heard first “Hello Moto” about 18 minutes into the update…just like first phone.

For background – second phone is also a Moto G6 Model Number PAAE0009US with 64GB Storage + 4GB RAM. Also has a Samsung 128GB 100MB/s SD expansion card installed as portable storage. Did not remove SD before doing the update.

Now it’s just learning the new stuff :star_struck:


Rather than start a separate thread, I hope folks won’t mind my piggybacking on this one to mention Android 9 Pie arrived on a household Moto G6 Play this morning, so it appears Moto has brought Pie to both G6 series models supported by Republic.

Installation after download took considerably longer than the 10 minutes Moto said it should take (it took roughly 20 minutes). There were otherwise no installation hiccups for me.


I downloaded PIE the other day and now my phone is cutting out over WiFi. It shows it’s still connected but I can’t hear anything on the other end and they can’t hear me. Happened 5x in 1/2 hour. Not sure if it’s the update or something else. Everything worked fine before the update though.

@lookforjack - Both of our G6’s are working with no problems. We have not had any dropped calls on either phone since the upgrade. We’re running on our 5GHz network because our 2.4GHz network is congested. Hopefully one of our experts can provide some help for your call dropping issue.

Our phones seem much more responsive and the WiFi sleep doesn’t seem as aggressive. Have not done any real tests to confirm any changes in sleep… just noting difference in how phone works with Google Messages via PC. We are adjusting to the changes and even like some of the new gestures!

I have a Moto G5+ so I can’t comment on this update regarding it (we only got one OS upgrade, from Nougat to Oreo), but I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which came with Oreo, but then got the update to Pie, and its power efficiency when idling improved. And it seems that’s not unique to me, Galaxy Tab S4 users, or my imagination. I can’t comment on my S4’s power efficiency when using apps as I never took stock of its performance before the update. A reviewer had dinged the S4 for being just a tad power hungry when idling overnight, so I actually measured that. I check the battery level when going to bed, and after getting up, and also during the day. I was OK with it but after the update to Pie I was impressed at how my S4 basically used next to no power when idling overnight.

Installed yesterday working find some things have changed and today 2 new programs one called digital wellbeing and device health services by google llc I disable both no icons for them looks like monitoring software for google

Digital wellbeing is a Google app that allows you to set screen time warning, set bed time routines (like setting the phone to black and white), and other such things.

Google Health is well, Google Health. It is used for things like step tracking, can sync with smart watches, fitbits, etc.

Still nothing on my son’s Moto G6 (unlocked, originally purchased from Fi).

Hoping it comes soon, but while I wait any tips regarding installing or post update issues. I read that some people recommended removing security pin before installing because some people’s devices pins stopped working after the update


We are investigating a couple of cases where it looks like this has happened to some of our members, so yes, please do remove any PIN before updating.


I’ve moved @freddyp’s helpful post on getting an Android phone ready to take an update to our #tips category. You can find it here:

It is weird how the G6 series and my spouse’s X4 already have the May security updates for Pie, but my Z3 Play is still at April security updates on Pie.

It kinda makes sense since the Z3 Play got its Pie update in June, and the others got theirs in July, the patch level each one was built on is a month apart.

This was released in Late June by Moto, if I’m not mistaken. That being the case, with their normal release schedule on the Z series you’re looking at late August before the next update.

Where can I find a list of the new features for the update? Also will the G5 Plus receive any more updates? What is the build numbers for the G6 and the G5Plus?

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