Pin rejected by Republic Wireless transfer portal

What phone do you have? motto g4

What plan are you on? 2 gb/ month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Trying for over a week now to transfer my daughter’s RW cell number to ATT because she’s on her own now. ATT saying pin code is incorrect, RW rejected portal transfer because of incorrect pin. We have reset pin but still rejected. She did have number assigned to her and she put in cancel request from her RW app. I could unassigned her email and password but not sure that would help. I’ve replied to open ticket but not getting any new response in last 2 days. Stuck in limbo. Help!

Hi @markl.maxltl

Please try the following:

Un-assign the phone from your daughter’s email
Make sure you know the account PIN, reset it one more time if necessary
Give ATT her phone number as the account number and the account PIN you set
Tell them to cancel the previous transfer request and start a new one with the information you have just provided them


Mark, If your daughter canceled her line, then it can’t port. Lines must be active to port (with all carriers) as the only way you “own” the number to transfer it, is to have active service on it. Assuming she selected that she wanted to keep the number in the cancel form, then it didn’t go any further (the process just stops there) and no cancelation was requested (which is a good thing). The port out will automatically cancel the line.

What you’re describing is nearly always a result of the line being assigned in the customer interface. In that case you’ll either need to sign-in with the email it is assigned to and set a PIN there or you’d need to UNassign the line following the directions here: How to Un-Assign (Remove) a User – Republic Help and then it’ll use the primary account PIN.

Hi @markl.maxltl,

I’m looking in on your tickets now and merging any duplicates. I’ll reply by ticket and see if we can get this straightened out today.

Thank you. Also note ATT saying account number is my 10 digit number not hers. It’s confusing.

AT&T is wrong about that. It’s best to work through your open ticket, however, please don’t allow AT&T to use your phone number as the account number as that might very well result in your number being transferred (ported) rather than your daughter’s.

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Ok, thanks

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