Pissed Off Long Term RW User

I admit it, I’m posting this to vent. I am extremely pissed off at Republic Wireless right now. I’ve been an avid fan and promoter of RW to everyone I know since the Moto X Gen 1 first launched. I have tirelessly argued with others about the benefits of RW, the lean nature of the company, the way they pass savings onto customers, the creativity of their plans, their innovation, and my admiration for David Morken as a fellow veteran and entrepreneur. Today, all of that changed.

I have used my Gen 1 Moto X up through today. With that phone I’ve rotated from the v1.0 $10/month plan to occasionally the v1.0 $25/month plan temporarily if I was traveling and needed data. My parents, who I talked into RW, joined during the 2.0 plans and they have enjoyed those plans (my father uses the $10/month and my mother the $17.50/month). I saw no reason to change to 2.0 myself, although the cost difference for me would have been negligible as I use the $10 plan almost exclusively.

Fast forward to last week. I receive an e-mail from RW touting a “sneak peek” offer for the Moto Z Play at $100 discount with 6 months service at 1 GB/month. This deal appeared fantastic, and the Moto Z Play is the true spiritual successor to the Moto X Gen 1. I informed my father (who in his old age entrusts tech advice to me) of this offering and advised him to consider it. He and my mother had a Moto G. My wife follows my phone choices as well. As a result, within a day I’d ordered two Moto Z Plays in addition to my father’s one (and possibly one for my mother) totaling at least three Moto Z Plays based on my reading of the RW “offering.”

Today my phone arrives. I meticulously transfer all of my data, apps, services, etc from the Moto X to the Moto Z Play. I install the RW App and transfer my phone number over, accepting the “1 GB plan” as offered. At no point did I have any indication that this 1 GB plan was part of yet another line of RW plans dubbed “3.0.” I assumed I was finally entering the 2.0 plans that I had simply ignored for so long. In short: I fell into RW’s trap.

Adding to that, I had no idea that the new plan would have an entirely new coverage map. Even still, I checked the coverage area that Republic has up and my area is touted as 4G LTE Data (I am in the Rosemary Beach, FL area). My wife and I’s Moto Z Play has zero, that’s ZERO coverage in our home. I have yet to drive around and “hunt” for it anywhere else. My Moto X consistently had one bar below maximum in our home. Typically I leave the phone on WiFi, but important business calls demand clarity in which case I disable the WiFi temporarily. Not anymore.

So not only was I tricked into a plan tree that I neither wanted nor knew existed, but also have had my cell coverage apparently drastically downgraded.

So here is what I’m going to do, Republic. You’ve burned this bridge. At this point there is nothing you can say or do to make this right short of magically improving my cell coverage and fixing your pricing tiers; we both know that’s not gonna happen. You know what else isn’t gonna happen? Me ever uttering one word but utter disdain for you and especially David Morken every opportunity I get. I am going to use the Moto Z Play through the six month period that I have already paid for. At that point, to the DAY, I will be leaving “the republic.” From this point on I will warn everyone I know away from this company in the most contemptuous terms possible. I will explain to them the legitimately deceptive business practices that now make RW no different (and possibly worse) than any other carrier.

Congratulations, Republic. You got me good. I fell into your trap. Now, because I take my personal reputation more seriously than you take your business reputation, I’m going to do everything in my power to undo all the free advertising I’ve given you over the years.


Hi @andrewb.qi7pk1

Truly sorry to hear that you were surprised that the change in phones would also result in a change of service providers.

Honestly though, this information is hardly kept hidden or, in your words, a “trap”. We understand that the majority of RW’s customers rarely visit this forum and a major change like this could go unnoticed by a large percentage of the existing customer base.

For some, the move to the GSM provider and BYOD was a great move, for others, (myself included…[Moto X Pure], not so much). There is a documented desire on RW’s behalf to bring CDMA(Sprint) phones to the 3.0 plans and is actually in a ‘soft-launch’ testing phase. Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

You do understand that all RW devices come with a Money Back Guarantee ?

I would strongly suggest invoking the return offer and/or opening a support request with RW proper, ( Republic Help ) as we are customers and members of the community ourselves, not staff or employees.

RW has always been committed to customer satisfaction, and in my experience, have always gone above and beyond that standard to achieve that reputation.

I feel that Republic Wireless will come to a satisfactory conclusion with you given the opportunity.

Best of luck, and let us know how this issue works out.


I think you should return the phones, reactivate your old phones and continue to be happy.


“Truly sorry to hear that you were surprised that the change in phones would also result in a change of service providers.”

Interesting tactic, employing snide non-sequiturs to illustrate “true sorrow.”

I’ll state again what I stated in the original post: I checked the coverage map prior to purchasing the Moto Z Plays. The coverage map did and still does reflect 4G LTE coverage into and well beyond my address. You can look at Rosemary Beach, FL yourself if you don’t believe me. I think it’s not a stretch to assume that when you live deep in 4G LTE coverage, you can expect at least some cellular-only non-data coverage, much less actual data. I have neither, and that’s on the second floor at high elevation.

Assuming I returned the phone and could also revert my plan back to v1.0 (something RW does not offer on their returns page and that there is no indication they allow) - the principle of my complaint remains. RW is utilizing misleading marketing tactics (coverage map, 1.0 2.0 3.0 plan types) that has resulted in my time wasted (not to mention non-refundable postage fees) as well as that of others.

If I were satisfied with simply keeping an ancient Moto X Gen 1 going into 2017 then I would not have purchased a new phone, now would have I? No. What I will do is take the Mozo Z Play at the accepted price and muddle through six months of non-coverage. At the end of that I will make my exit. Meanwhile, each and every time my service causes me grief - which I’m certain will be often - will be yet another reminder to warn everyone around me off of this company. That option beats wasting any more time trying to figure out which phone-plan “upgrade” option might actually provide coverage in my area, be compatible with v1.0 plans, be an acceptable hardware value, etc. etc.

While I agree that the coverage map is a piece of junk, why make yourself angry every time you use the phone? That makes no sense at all!

Send the phone(s) back and get the refund and chalk it up to a cheap learning experience.

This version of the Moto Z is only good on TMobile or ATT’s networks. The CDMA version of this phone is exclusive to Verizon only. So unless you plan to use this phone on ATT network going forward, it makes no sense to kept the phone.

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Contact customer support. It can’t hurt. Maybe there’s a work around.

Hi @andrewb.qi7pk1

I did not mean to exasperate your feelings of being misled in anyway. I apologize if that is the way my post came across.

I just wanted to point out that you are not the first to find that the GSM coverage and associated maps are somewhat lacking in accuracy. I appear to be in a good GSM coverage area as well, until I zoom in on the providers map. We in the community have found that “fair” means mostly no coverage, or spotty at best.

I hope RW can implement the CDMA 3.0 standard long before 6 months passes by, and those of us with sub par GSM coverage can continue to enjoy the benefits of Republic Wireless’s innovative structure with the newest phone technology.

Understand, I was very excited at upgrading to the Moto Pure from an Moto X 2nd Gen. Sadly, I had to return to my X2 as I found the GSM coverage could not compete with the 2.0 CDMA coverage.

My Moto Pure is standing by though, waiting and hoping for 3.0/CDMA coverage, so I can utilize that phone as my daily driver.

Again, sorry for any misunderstanding.


(click to enlarge).


It’s been well known since July that the new provider Tmobile, and RW’s generic crap map is useless but Tmobile’s map is better.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Just last week RW became independent from Bandwidth and less affiliated with David Morkin.

Republic Wireless Becomes Separate Company All your points are because of poor research. I would have asked questions and read more if I were you. RW has documented many things, some still slips through the cracks but not much. I can’t change your blame game but I wouldn’t be so hard on a company trying to make phones affordable and save you money to boot. Think of it this way, If you didn’t read a voters ballot & vote you have no right to crab about the outcome of an election Process.


*** ~~ßocephous™***

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“All your points are because of poor research.”

Interesting hypothesis. Let’s test it.

“It’s been well known since July that the new provider Tmobile, and RW’s generic crap map is useless but Tmobile’s map is better.”

Both maps have my coverage as solid 4G LTE at my address and for miles in all directions. See Rosemary Beach, FL for yourself. So much for that research.

“Just last week RW became independent from Bandwidth and less affiliated with David Morkin.”

And yet every decision that impacts me today was made before that occurred, not to mention David Morkin is still President of the Board of Directors. So much for that research.

“I would have asked questions and read more if I were you.”

What question should have I asked? “Hey Republic, is coverage going to be non-existent in my area despite every available map displaying solid 4G LTE coverage for miles in every direction?”

Or how about: “Hey Republic, is there a version 3.0 plan series that’s been stealthily rolled out (as compared with the much-ballyhooed version 2.0 plan series that you wouldn’t stop spamming me over) which I don’t even know exists but am asking about anyway and which I will unknowingly adopt upon activating this phone?”

Your expectations of a carrier are so low that it’s no wonder you find Republic’s antics acceptable.


Maybe asking friends, co/workers and family if Tmobile works in their area. Sorry but did you ask any questions in the community? Andrew asks)…Community is there anything wrong with upgrading to RW 3.0?

Well sure @andrewb.qi7pk1! Some customers are having issues with Tmobile not having good service in their hometown.

Andrew asks)… What Tmobile I thought RW was Sprint!

Well Not so the providers changed because of GSM Phones used.

Andrew asks)…GSM aren’t we Cdwhatever?

Yes on Legacy phones, New phone no it’s GSM and Tmobile.

Andrew asks)…What is suggested?

Well the 3.0 plans cost a little more money but I would find out if Tmo works in my area. If Not I would wait for the Sprint 3.0 expected out by years end. It’s years end and Sprint 3.0 is in soft launch testing right now.

@ andrewb.qi7pk1 wasn’t that fun, easy and enlightening. Maybe you should have tried it! I’m sorry for coming across as a jerk but you are not taking any blame on a bad decision. Don’t just Blame anything and everyone else is my point. If I make a mistake I own up to it and moveon best as possible. I wish you well and your family in this Christmas season. I hope we can be friends. There are like 1000 great people here loaded with knowledgeable answers to questions you don’t even know to ask, just rely on them and make a decision thats best for you and your family. We are mostly all customers volunteering time to help others and answer questions just for situations like yours.

God Bless!

*** ~~ßocephous™***

edit Andrews statement to me:

                         Your expectations of a carrier are so low that it's no wonder you find Republic's antics acceptable.

Republic has saved me Thousands of dollars in nearly 4 yrs. My phones don’t have problems. I have great service in the Northcoast of OHIO. Antics are antics, I have had a stomach full of the Verizon, Att, Virgin, consumer, and a few other providers antics they have tried shoveling down my throat. At RW you can have a voice, all the others block all comments not politically correct to their business.

Hi @andrewb.qi7pk1 ,

I understand from your initial post that you came here to vent and that there’s no turning this around. I don’t want to argue with you, and I’ll make sure your feedback and the specifics of what has completely destroyed your trust in Republic Wireless are heard.

I did notice, though, in your subsequent comment that you mentioned not being able to revert to your 1.0 plan, and the loss of the initial shipping. If you do wish to return to your original phone, at least until such time that you can upgrade to a CDMA-supported phone, I will personally make sure both those concerns are resolved to your satisfaction.

Please keep in mind, another thing that changed in July is that our return policy is now 14 days. You’ll need to let us know before the 14th day after receiving your phones. And as has always been part of our policy, there are fees for damages to returned phones. Please closely review our Return and Replacement Policy closely if you should decide to go this route.

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I ran into severe coverage issues when I got my Samsung S7. Just to be sure this was an RW problem and not a T-Mobile problem I spent $4.00 on a T-Mobile SIM with 30-days talk and text. Sure enough, the phone worked fine with the T-Mobile SIM. I reported this to RW and they fixed the problem in short order. Moreover, they treated me like a king for exposing the problem and testing their solution.

That particular problem had to do with a variety of towers (band 12, 700 MHz) and I live in a forest of them. I was told the problem occurred with the non-Motorola brands but the Moto Z wasn’t available at that time.

I gave that SIM to @southpawkb so if you would like to try your phone with that SIM let us know. If she hasn’t sent it to someone else she could send it to you. It just takes a few minutes to swap SIM cards.

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There goes another one. For each (former) customer writing a detailed “exit post”, how many do you suppose are just silently leaving while elswhere warning their friends, “friends”, and anyone else who’ll listen or read to stay away – far, far away – from Republic Wireless?

I have a feeling they will add about 100,000 new subscribers with the 6-month free service deal.

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Maybe, maybe not. The real question is how many will stay once they have to start paying?

Will* you* stay is a better question?.


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Hi, andrewb.qi7pk1

I have a moto x 1st gen and it’s been a great phone and I’ll continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

My son just purchased the Moto Z Play and I just picked up a couple of Huawei Ascend 5Ws for my Wife and Daughter. (They were on Moto Gs.)

I liked (and still do like) the 1.0 plans. The fact that I can get calls and texts for ~$10 a month is fantastic.

Going into this 3 years ago, I ran the numbers and if I could get 2 years from Republic Wireless with my phone, then I would break even when looking at competing options. Since I’ve gotten 3 years, I’m now even happier.

But, the time will come when my Moto X 1.0 will need to be replaced.

Since my family has upgraded, that means $15 a month rather than $10 at the end of the promotion period.

But when looking at competing options, Republic Wireless still offers great value.

If it wasn’t for the service problem you’re having, you’d be in great shape. You’ve got an excellent phone at a great deal.

billg mentioned that there could be a coverage issue going on. You could investigate that if you wanted to.

I looked up your zip code and apparently, T-Mobile has better coverage than Sprint (which is what the Moto X is using.)


Those are of course just user reviews and your experience might be different.

I completely understand how frustrating it can be when technology doesn’t do what we think it should do. You expected a great phone with some great service. You’ve got one, but not the other.

If this isn’t the path for you, you’ll need to be making some decisions fairly soon about what you’re going to do when your Moto X 1st Gen stops working. For me, I’ll probably get an unlocked phone of some kind and use it with Republic Wireless.

Sidebar to others on the thread…

The Moto Z Play specs say that it has CDMA. Would it not work on Sprint’s network? But Motorola’s website says it only works with AT&T or T-Mobile - which I find strange.

I’m thinking that if it worked with Sprint, Andrew could either make do until CDMA works with 3.0 phones or switch to another provider that resells Sprint service.


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More like a few hundred because because RW ran out of 6 month free service phones in 15 minutes. The disappointments are coming at a much faster rate than they used to!

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This happened to me…Just upgraded my phone and not only was I told that the new phone would offer better coverage but had to change plans as well…

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