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Issue Description

Hi all! I’m attempting to fix data connectivity issues with my Mom’s, my Sisters, and our family friend’s phones. I have a Pixel 4 XL, and they have two Pixel 2s and a Pixel 1 between them. We’re all on Republic with data plans.

We live a medium sized city well within the coverage map. In our neighborhood I have near perfect connectivity. They all have issues with using their data. All services on WiFi work as expected, but data use is spotty at best. They usually see no data connection or Edge (E), with occasional LTE connection.

I did some testing with this walking around the block holding their phones and mine. Mine was always connected to LTE. Theirs showed LTE at one point, but primarily showed Edge (E).

I’ve tried resetting the Network Settings without any luck. I doubt this is a failing hardware issue since it’s happening across 3 phones. The only difference I could think of is Pixel 4 can access LTE band 71, where the others cannot (Pixel phone hardware tech specs - Pixel Phone Help)…is this a known issue? Is there somewhere you can view the coverage map by LTE band?

Does anyone have any other ideas or solutions?


If LTE coverage in the area is provided on Band 71, it might very well be the explanation. Might we know the zip code (nothing more) for the area in question?

Also, if you would confirm the SIM type in your Pixel 4 XL, please? Here’s how:


The zip is 53705

The Pixel 4 XL SIM type is GSM.

Hi @nedr.kj8pcv,

Thank you for the additional context! Republic’s GSM network partner is T-Mobile. Historically, T-Mobile’s network coverage in Wisconsin is not great though it’s generally better in urban areas such as Madison and Milwaukee. One wouldn’t need to wander far outside city limits to encounter poor coverage.

The above said, I’m inclined to confirm your suspicion that Band 71 (which is relatively new) is the difference maker for your Pixel 4 XL. That the others see EDGE coverage with only intermittent LTE coverage tends to further back that up.

There’s a silver lining here. Republic is able to offer alternative coverage on Sprint’s legacy network. Though T-Mobile has completed its’ acquisition of Sprint, the networks remain separate for now. Eventually, T-Mobile will integrate the bulk of Sprint’s legacy network into its’ own and that might eventually solve the others coverage issue.

There is, however, no need to wait to attempt improving their coverage experience. I suggest asking Republic to provide alternative coverage for their phones on Sprint’s legacy network now. Here’s the how to on that:

Gotcha, I see. That’s nice to see there is an alternative option! I’ll have them give this a shot and see if it improves their coverage.

Thanks for your help!


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