Pixel 2 battery life

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Phone - Since smartphones came into existence, I could be called a Moto fanboy owning the original Moto X and Moto X2. But now, I’m joining the Google Pixel ranks!
Plan - Unfortunately, I’m now on the Clear Choice 3.0 plan with 1GB. I was quite happy with the 2.0 refund plans as I don’t believe I ever exceeded $20 per month, including taxes and fees.

Still kind of early in its life, but this is a quick example for @apples2androids of battery life that I’m seeing through 3 days usage with my new Pixel 2 phone (non XL version). Hopefully, my math is correct.
Friday 10/20 (first full day)
Off charger at 06:30 until 22:30 – For some reason, this one didn’t start the clock on the battery measurement until the battery remaining dropped off 100%. It should show roughly 16.0 hours since last full charge (instead of 14h 20m ago). With 37% left and 3h 45m SOT that extrapolates out to 25h 24m total and 5h 57m SOT at 100%
Saturday 10/21 (average use day)
Off charger at 06:30 until 23:20 – With 25% battery remaining…17h 21m off charger extrapolates out to 23h 8m total and 5h 1m actual SOT extrapolates to 6h 40m SOT at 100%
Sunday 10/22 (low use day)
Off charger at 06:30 until 22:30 – With 56% battery remaining… 16h 5m off charger extrapolates out to roughly 36h 0m total and 2h 2m SOT extrapolates to 4h 32m SOT at 100%
To me, this is pretty outstanding battery life with a 2700mAh battery and significantly better than my now retired Moto X2 so I’m quite pleased.
Of course your mileage can differ significantly based on how you use your phone, such as:

  • Usage - I consider myself a moderate user. No game playing. Mostly used for texts, email and web browsing. Phone calls, music and some YouTube videos from time to time. I also use my phone for GPS navigation occasionally use Here app, but when I do, it’s usually plugged into power.
  • Data – RW has taught me to use WiFi whenever possible. Typically with my old phone, I would use 350 to 600mb of data per month.
  • Screen – The screen on this phone is very good for viewing in direct sunlight. When not out in the sun, I typically keep my phone around 25% to 35% brightness. I don’t use adaptive brightness.
  • Accessories – My phone is connected via Bluetooth to my Moto 360 smartwatch most of the time.
  • Location – I have mine set on high accuracy and don’t limit any location services.
    That’s about it for now. If anyone has any other questions about the Pixel 2, let me know.



Thanks @etphonehome!

This is very helpful information. And guess what . . . you and someone else in another forum thread sort of got me thinking about the Pixel 2. Then I went to the local RW Pop-up Shop last week and saw that the phone photography class is this Thursday. –And that Pixel 2 phone was in the back of my mind when my credit card jumped out of my pocket and landed smack down on the shopping cart at the Google Play store.

Of course I was also trolling the AC forums as well when the serendipitous credit card misbehavior happened, totally against my will.

I ordered on the 17th and should have it by November 1st or 2nd and I’ll add my data here as well. –If I had bought it the day before I would have had it tomorrow. :disappointed_relieved:

FYI, a RW employee that I met at the event last week reached out to me to let me know that they were working with Google to fix an issue with WiFi calling–and it may have been fixed by now–but I wanted to mention it to you just so that your’e aware of it should you notice any issues.

So you’re liking it? Did you get a case and screen protector and, if so, what did you get?

Thanks again!

Yeah, there’s a post by @BenG in the announcements and news section of the forum. It only involves inbound calls on WiFi. Nobody has called me lately so I don’t know if I have that issue or not.

I really do love the phone so far. Nice to have a flagship phone that’s not a phablet. Lots of bad press on the XL screen issues but no problems with the P2’s screen.

This is a quantum leap over the Moto X2. Everything is fast and smooth.

I bought the carbon colored case on the Google Store website and like it. It’s kind of different with the fabric surface on it. Looks classy I think and feels good in hand.

For screen protector, I have one on order on Amazon. It’s a tempered glass screen protector made by LK. Hope you enjoy yours when you get it! Like to hear your opinions on it.

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That’s great @etphonehome! Glad you’re loving it.

The initial cons for me for the P2 were no expandable storage, BEZELS, and something else that I’ve already forgotten–so it must have not been so bad. But your post, or the other person’s really got me thinking about it so I ventured over the AC and, well, any hope of excepting financially unscathed flew right out the window and into the shopping cart right along with my credit card.

Realizing that you have unlimited storage for photos and videos for three years negated the argument for lack of microSD, and looking at my last 3 phones negated the argument against the bezels. Now don’t get me wrong, I would MUCH prefer that the bezels were at least similar to the P2 XL. I don’t understand why people even complain about those–I would be totally fine with them. Then again, on the plus side of the equation, at least we won’t have the blue screen angle issue, though I’m assuming that the burn-in issue of the nav buttons is likely in both versions. So I’m planning on tweaking the settings so that those buttons don’t live on the screen but, rather, appear orly when needed. Did you know about this issue?

I’ve been looking at a lot of cases and am dangerously close to just buying an OtterBox Defender and calling it a day. I know, I know, it really makes the phone thicker, but my iPhone 5 has always lived in one and it looks brand new today–and I’ve never had to worry about the phone when dropping it. –Not that the dropping was in any way planned. If I get a different case, I might try a liquid glass screen protector.

Did you get 64 or 128GB?

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I had my Moto X almost 3 years, it was AMOLED like the P2 and I never saw any burn-in on it. I keep the brightness down, so hopefully that helps with that. How do you tweak the settings so the buttons only appear when needed?

I went with 64GB. Storage was never an issue on my Moto X that only had 32GB. On the P2, I’m only using 19.31GB of the 64. Photos are all on Google Photos and I use some cloud storage elsewhere.

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I believe in the Nova Prime launcher there is a section on the transparency of those buttons and the base row of apps. I don’t have the phone but the Nova app is very flexible in customizations. It may very well be in the Nova free version. Then again Oreo may help you without the use of Nova Prime.
Nova Launcher Prime
Nova Launcher free

@apples2androids, I just remembered your 3rd con, battery life, right? But now that’s been addressed!

Well duh! I’ve had a Moto Z Play for almost a month so battery life concerns have faded from my consciousness. :rofl:

This article is for last year’s models but I think you’ll still find it interesting:



I agree with Droid-Life’s article. Samsung makes great hardware, but the Pixel blows away Sammy on the software side. I’ve never cared for TouchWiz and Samsung loads a bunch of their own apps on their phones. I went with Moto for a long time because they made great hardware and they stuck pretty close to stock Android with a couple of useful add-ons included.

Hey! Just got my Pixel 2 and just joined RW for service! Loving both so far, but looking for a good tempered glass screen protector ~ have a case~ …you mentioned LK on Amazon.
When I looked, there were none for Pixels???
Can you give more specific link? and advice on choosing protectors? The Google Store sells one for $40… not sure if I need to spend that much…
Thanks for any assistance!

Hi Phyllis, welcome to the Pixel 2 RW club! I think there may be at least 4 or 5 of us now :grinning: Hope you enjoy both your P2 and RW.

As far as screen protectors, I bought the LK screen protectors on Amazon but they no longer show as being available for purchase. Not sure why that is. I thought their protector was pretty good for the price, but I found out one main drawback of it was that it wouldn’t work with some cases. Their protector went edge to edge on the screen and when I used certain cases that wrapped around the 4 sides of the screen, the protector would become dislodged.

You mention you do have a case and the protector I’m using now that I really like is made by Incipio which you can see by clicking here. Their screen protector doesn’t quite go edge to edge, so cases don’t affect it. It applies easily, touch sensitivity is very good and the coating on it is fingerprint resistant although like any, it still needs to be wiped from time to time. It is a bit pricier, but I was lucky to purchase it on Black Friday when they were running a 50% off promotion. In my opinion, you pretty much always get what you pay for and as far as screen protectors are concerned, I think the Incipio is worth the higher price. Others on Amazon although less expensive, don’t get very good reviews.

I also have 3 cases now. In order or preference, I have the Google Pixel 2 case in Carbon, the Incipio DualPro in gunmetal and the Reprieve 2.0 in Coral. I like them all and rotate between them.

Thank you so much for the warm and friendly welcome AND the specific and helpful tips! I will check out Incipio protectors and look at your cases. Have you seen or heard about Google’s Power Support Tempered Glass Protector? there are no reviews but it looks like it may be good and similar to the one you have.


Also, do you use a headset/headphones/ wireless or not with your Pixel 2?

Thanks again!

The Power Support screen protector wasn’t released until just recently, after I had purchased the other two. I can’t say for sure, but my guess is the Power Support protector would be very comparable to the Incipio one. On my previous phone, a Moto X2, I used Power Support film screen protectors and they were good quality.

As far as headphones, I have 2 different types and am quite happy with both:

Thank you once again! Off to research, etc!

Practicing Gratitude,
Phyllis Reklis

Thank you for sharing all this information! I just ordered my Pixel 2 on swappa.com and my sim card from RW, so maybe next month I too will switch from paying 18$/mo to 24$/mo or whatever it is after taxes.

But at least I’ll be running something newer that android 5.1.1 and with a working GPS antenna. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Did any of you consider getting your hands on a less expensive Pixel 1 instead of shelling out for the P2? What about the P2 is worth the difference in price?
I also am a long time Moto X holder, and kinda nervous about losing my fun Moto add ons like cast screen and shake to get camera. How different is the experience with the Pixel? Was it hard to make the change?

I did not. I’m not one to trade in smartphones every year so I thought it would be best to purchase the latest and greatest so that I had assurances of support and android version updates as long as possible. I didn’t really research the Pixel 1 much but I believe the big selling point with the Pixel 2 was the camera performance. The Pixel 3 leaks are already coming out and that means you will see the Pixel 2 prices being reduced shortly and I think I’ve seen some offering price reductions already. So, if possible, I’d suggest waiting a couple more months to see and compare the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 3 and decide between those 2 models rather than going with a 2 year old original Pixel.

I do miss the double chop for flashlight and twist for camera Moto Actions, but I’ve adjusted to life without them. There are apps out there that you can install to do some of these types of things. I tried one but later uninstalled it as it didn’t always perform the action the first try. Not sure what you mean by losing cast screen as the Pixel 2 has that capability and I use it frequently.

I’ve had the Pixel 2 for about 10 months now and I’m still very happy with the purchase. It’s fast and smooth, camera really is great, battery life for me is still excellent and it’s the best smartphone I’ve owned hands down.

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