Pixel 2 RW Des Moines


I just installed the RW app but I am troubled to see that I can’t make a call when not on my wifi. Wondering what I need to do.


The GSM partner does not have good coverage for their MVNO partners,

All BYOD start as GSM and currently the Pixel 2 is not able to be activated on Republic CDMA [Republic is working on the getting the phones that it’s sells working on CDMA before the BYOD phones (the CDMA partner recently change SIM types on new phones), the good news is republic has gotten a couple of these phones working now and planning to roll out more in the coming weeks but the pixel 2 is most likely at the end of list


I am not sure if I understand. I see green in Des Moines? What do you mean?
My phone is both gsm and cdma.


the light Green in the Des Moines means only 3G (but when on clicks on the area they declaere it a Partner aka roaming) , dark grey is 2G, and light grey is roaming,
you can check the map and your addresses here


Ok still not following you. Can you tell me if I use mint sim, if that’ll work better? Not being able to call without in wifi is a deal breaker for me. Mint sim also uses T-Mobile so that won’t work? What if I have a Nexus 6p?


a Mint SIM would have similar coverage as Republic GSM SIM (needed for the Pixel 2)
(both are using T-Mobile)
with the Nexus 6P there is an option to have republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint)
one must first activate the Nexus 6P with the GSM SIM and then put in a support ticket to request a change in coverage to CDMA) Tickets | Republic Wireless
CDMA coverage maps https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp


So what options do I have? Switch to Fi. As I said not being able to call without on wifi is a deal breaker.


And I still don’t follow you on T-Mobile being absent in Des Moines. The map shows green, so why can’t I call.


what is the signal strength on your phone (what letters are next to the cell strength icons) (from the Maps it says fair coverage and in past experience this means almost no coverage)

the Republic coverage check does not recommend the GSM partner network in Des Moines (the GSM only phones are grayed out)

I agree not being able to call is a deal breaker (it is the primary use of a phone)

Project Fi should be an option as they use both Sprint and T-mobile, I would still recommend a support ticket to Republic as they may be able to do something (the non calling out could be unrelated to coverage )


One last question, you think FreedomPop will work? It seems to use Sprint?


personally I wold never recommend Freedom pop for any thing but a toy, they use only the Sprint Cell network (not the voice network) most of the data network was not design to handle a VOIP call and there support is almost non exist



Mint SIM doesn’t roam at all on the network. Please check out their map if you have further ?s about their coverage.

Map indicates it’s one of TMo’s partners not their own towers. RW doesn’t necessarily roam/work in all of the Tmo partner areas

Did you try to see if signal improved outside?


I am a bit confused and feeling that it was a mistake going with this phone and RW. I can’t make a call inside or outside when not on wifi.


Republic Wireless does not recommend bringing your own phone for your location (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless). This is because bring-your-own-phone is supported by the GSM carrier, which doesn’t have adequate coverage in your area at the moment. I would recommend looking for a sompany that can support bring-your-own-phone with Sprint (Ting, maybe Project Fi), or signing up with iWireless (which is going to be absorbed by T-Mobile next year to expand coverage in Iowa).


Let’s see if we can’t provide a bit more clarity:

Republic works with two cellular partners. The only one with coverage in your area is Sprint.

The phone you’re using can, in the short-term, only be configured with Republic’s other partner that does not have coverage in your area. The green splotch that you’re seeing on the map isn’t “real” coverage. It is coverage that T-Mobile calls out as roaming partner, which is generally nearly useless, as you’ve seen.

You’ve then asked a number of questions about alternatives.

  1. Is Fi a viable alternative? Likely yes, from a coverage perspective. See below regarding possible issue with using an Iowa number with Fi.
  2. MintSIM? Nope, they have even less coverage than your current coverage there.
  3. FreedomPop? Run, run as fast as your can.
  4. Republic? I expect, that within a few weeks, Republic will have the ability to move your Pixel to Sprint, and that will provide you coverage. The issue of course, being that’s not today.
  5. Nexus 6P with Republic? Yes, this can work. Here’s how. Move the SIM in your Pixel to the 6P, activate it. Then open a ticket about the coverage issue and support will send your a SIM that will move you to Sprint.


Unless something has changed recently, likely no. Though Fi blends multiple cellular networks and coverage wouldn’t be an issue, Fi numbers are housed on T-Mobile’s network. Generally, Iowa is iWireless territory. Consequently, T-Mobile lacks the ability to port in numbers for Fi in most of Iowa.


Thanks for that tidbit. I’ll say I was looking strictly from a coverage perspective where a Fi phone would have strong US Cellular coverage in Iowa. I wasn’t aware of the number restriction.


T-Mobile is in the process of acquiring full control of iWireless. Both the Fi number porting but more interestingly the coverage situation for MVNOs using T-Mobile’s network may be changing for the better. Time will tell.


Thanks louisdi. That makes sense. Are you certain that it (Sprint) will
happen over in month - two months time frame?


Last I checked, Project Fi was available in Des Moines. It’s one of the few areas of Iowa with a little bit of T-Mobile proper presence.