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Hey RW and community,
My wife and I have had our Moto X2’s for 3 years now and we would like to upgrade to new phones. I have my eye on the Pixel 2. Either way we go, do we need to purchase new SIM cards in order to get them working or would just taking our old ones and popping them into the pixel 2 be the way to go?

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you will need to purchase the BYOD GSM SIMs
Republic store BYOD GSM SIM
or Amazon Republic BYOD GSM SIM
the Moto X2’s are CDMA and swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature (also the CDMA SIMs of Legacy phones needs to stay with the phone they are linked to)
as of right now the Pixel 2’s are GSM only for Republic (even though they have CDMA radios) CDMA may come at a later date but right now Republic can only activate them on their GSM partners network (T-Mobile) so you may want to check out their coverage https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-roamd-34l

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