Pixel 2xl to Pixel 4xl New Sim Needed?

I currently have a pixel 2 xl on republic and want to upgrade to a pixel 4 xl. Can I just take the sim out of the 2xl and put it in the 4xl or do I need to get a new sim for the 4xl?

Good Morning @johnu.87bfh3,

The answer is maybe. Some SIMs move from phone to phone, others are phone specific and do not. Please take the following steps on the phone you wish to move the SIM from:

  1. Open the Republic App
  2. Tap the gear icon upper right
  3. Tap About
  4. Under the Phone Info section, your phone’s SIM type will be listed (GSM or CDMA)

If the SIM is GSM, it will move to the Pixel 4 XL Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), move the SIM. Next, be certain Republic’s mobile app is installed on the new phone. Finally, opening Republic’s app will present a brief activation sequence moving service (number and plan) from old to new phone.

If the SIM is CDMA and you’re comfortable sharing, may we please know your zip code and we’ll provide further insight.

Republic offers some documentation here:


It’s GSM so I should be able to put it in the new pixel 4xl.
thank you

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