Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now supported for BYOP



The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now supported for BYOP. :tada:

This means that although we do not offer the Pixel 3 in our online store, it can be brought to our service with the purchase of a Republic Wireless BYOP SIM card.

We support only the North American Factory Unlocked version of any BYOP phone. Please make certain any phone you are considering for BYOP is supported by installing the Republic Wireless app to check for compatibility, or consulting our compatibility wizard at Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or our Community guidance at How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone .

Is Republic Wireless going to support the pixel 3 on the BYOP program?

The Pixel 3XL purchased from the Google Store is showing that it is supported.

Warning, those purchased from Best Buy and other outlets are reportedly SIM locked to Verizon, so buyer beware.

Google Pixel 3s purchased from Best Buy are SIM locked to Verizon


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Typing this on my new RW Pixel 3 in Not Pink! :heart:️:tada:


NOTE: If you buy the Pixel 3 from a store like Best Buy, it is SIM Locked to VZW.
This has been confirmed by multiple sources.
This is unlike the past ware the VZW version of the Pixel came unlocked.
THose phones must be activated on VZW first, then can be unlocked.

So only the Google Store version of the Pixel phone will work on R.W. out of the box.


That’s really good news. The camera in a new Google Pixel has some pretty fancy upgrades/improvements. There are other things that are impressive but this one gets my attention.


Yes…but, there is terrible Audio issues when recording video. It sounds horribly tiny and far away.


That’s unfortunate. Thanks for that.
Not that I would have bought one. But I was excited about the camera improvements.



Just want to be totally sure, but will it still be no problem (as it seems it has been with previous Pixels from reviewing the forums) to purchase an unlocked Pixel 3 from the Google store, activate it on RW using a GSM SIM, and then have support get me a CDMA SIM for use thereafter? I live in Omaha, Nebraska and while GSM is fine at our house in the city, CDMA is a necessity 15mi in every direction outside the city and RW won’t routinely recommend/allow a BYOP option for our area. Appreciate any and all advice!


Hi @nicodemus,

What you propose will be no problem. Here’s how to request the CDMA SIM: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.


FYI: Pixel 3 and 3 XL is on sale! $200 off.


More precisely, the Pixel 3 is $150 off and the Pixel 3 XL is $200 off, in the Google Store.


Very disappointed to find out that the Screen Call feature is not supported. Any idea when this great feature will be?


You’ll have to ask Google to fix their bug: Google's new Call Screening


Good info – Thanks!