Pixel 3A Activation Problem

My friend just bought a new Pixel 3A and wants to activate with RW. Getting the error message “… isnt a fit for Republic”.

The model number is G020E. Is this model number not compatible with Republic?

The Google Pixel 3a model G020E is the Verizon Wireless carrier version of the Pixel 3a.

Per Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help the phone compatible with Republic Wireless is the Google Pixel 3a model G020G

Does that mean that model number cannot be activated on Republic. Isn’t Verizon a GSM service?

It isn’t listed in Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help so it isn’t compatible.

All 3.0 phones have to be the North American Factory unlock versions(which differ from Carrier unlocked) Republic does not support carrier or international builds of phones,

(note Verizon is a CDMA/LTE carrier, they are in process of shutting down the CDMA network)

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