Pixel 3a Audio Problems

It seems that ever since my phone got updated for Android 11 I’ve had problems playing music or audio books. It cuts in and out at odd times. Silent for 5 or 10 seconds, then picks up again. Don’t know for sure it happened with the update, but close to that time. Anyone else having a problem?

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I have the same phone on Android 11 but have not had any issues.

Does the issue happen when you are using headphones? Corded? Bluetooth?
Have you tried different headphones?
Does it cut out when listening with just the phone speaker?
Does it do it playing your music or audio book with a different app?

This happened to me today with a wired headset while listening to a streaming ballgame. It seemed like every time the headphone jack was bumped the media player (SiriusXM in this case) paused. Well, that was my ten second diagnosis, anyway. It’s probably a bug that will disappear with the next release. I had no trouble listening through the speaker.

Happened with wired speaker, bluetooth headphones, and just the phone speaker.

Also, with two different apps. Overdrive for audio book and pi music.

I had audio pause while listening to SiriusXM on speaker today. It was a bit weird in that it played fine for 20 minutes and then started pausing. I’d pick up the phone and it would play, I’d set it down and it would pause again. I plugged the phone in and had no problems, then unplugged it and the pausing began again on phone inactivity. I’ve been listening for 20 minutes now while casting to a Chromecast and have no instances of audio pausing. This issue is not Republic Wireless specific, since my Pixel 3a XL is not with Republic Wireless.

There’s a Reddit thread, an Android IssueTracker entry, and Google Pixel help forum entry for this. Seems a lot of people are having the same issue (be it Bluetooth, speaker, or headset).

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The posts on the Google forums are indicating that the problem still exists with the October security update.

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