Pixel 3a Bummer, this phone isn't a fit for Republic

Pixel 3a

Trying to activate on Republic.

Unlimited Talk and Text

Issue Description

I have the following Pixel 3a purchased from B&H.
MFR # GA00655-US
GSM+CDMA / 4G LTE Compatible
North American Variant
12.2MP Rear Dual-Pixel Camera
8MP Front-Facing Camera

This is from the Republic website.

Google Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL
The Google Pixel 3a is listed on the Republic Site as model: G020G and the Pixel 3a XL as model: G020C While this is Google’s official model number, the phones are being sold by a number of retailers using other model numbers. At Best Buy, B&H and Walmart you’ll find the compatible version listed as follows: Pixel 3a: GA00655-US, GA00656-SU, or GA00657-US and Pixel 3a XL: GA00664-US, GA00665-US or GA00666-US Despite the way they’re listed, all will work with Republic.

I purchased the SIM kit from from Republic and followed the instructions on the package.

I get the following message.
Bummer, this phone isn’t a fit for Republic.

I have opened a help ticket.

Has anyone had a problem activating their Pixel 3a?


Hi @ryanj.cr4kvm and welcome to the Community!

We’ve seen a handful of these issues and it’s usually resolved by updating the Pixel 3a’s Android operating system. Have you given that a try?

Would you also be kind enough to post a link to the specific B&H listing? B&H are great folks, by the way.


Hi Roland,

I have updated the operating system but still have the same issue.

Heres a link to the B&H listing.

Could it be there any settings that need to be changed?


Hi @ryanj.cr4kvm,

The “Bummer” message can’t be solved by settings changes.
What’s the Android build number?

The build number is PQ3B 190605.006

I am being told by the Republic Tech support that this build is not supported and that the phone may have been manufactured incorrectly. I don’t think there is any place on the Republic website that says what build number is compatible with Republic. I went by the part number that Republic says is compatible and the information above about B&H - “Despite the way they’re listed, all will work with Republic”.

If a particular build number is required for compatibility then how do I go about finding that information before purchasing the phone?


Hi @ryanj.cr4kvm,

That build appears to be the just released June security patch. @southpaw, I’m on mobile. Is there a chance this build needs to be added to the supported list?

Hi Roland,

The activation failed both before and after the update was installed.

Hi @ryanj.cr4kvm,

I see that your ticket is already attached to master ticket 1670158, which is where I was headed in asking you what the build number is.

It is our intention to support the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, as long as it is the North American Factory Unlocked version.

Sometimes we are not notified in advance of various builds, and need to test them before we can add them to our network. Since your ticket is already attached to the master ticket, it will have our engineers’ attention as quickly as possible, and there’s nothing the Community will be able to do to help you work around this complication.

Are you currently without a working phone?

(Edited to add the “a” I had failed to include. Pixel 3a and 3a XL)

Yes, I do have another working phone with republic.

The problem is that I’ve been told that the phone may have been manufactured incorrectly and to contact google and B&H. I’m trying to determine if this is a defective phone or a problem on Republics end.
I have to decide whether or not to return the phone or wait until this is resolved.
I have a limited amount of time to return the phone.

How long do you have to return the phone? You can’t ship it tonight or tomorrow, right? Would an answer that makes more sense on Monday work for you?

When you open the Android settings app and view Settings > Model Number what does it say?

And what is the version number of the RW app?

I can wait till Monday, I have some time left.

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find the model number under the settings.

The Republic app version is

Under regulatory labels the model number is: G020C

Thanks for checking. The app version is not causing the problem, then.

The model number is where things are getting a big strange, if I’m understanding the whole picture correctly.

G020C is the model number for the 3a XL.
But I’m betting the box the phone came out of suggests the phone is the G020G, the 3a.

We actually do have the build you listed on our approved list (I should have checked that before replying to you, sorry) but there’s something about this mismatch between how the phone is identifying itself and how it’s labeled that’s flumoxing our “supported” tester.

Yours is the second one we’ve seen like this, and it’s going to take some engineering brain power to figure it out.

I think a conversation with B&H as to why the phone is labeled and sold as a 3a, but identifying itself as a 3a XL might be worthwhile, but I wouldn’t rush to return it if you have some time.

Yes the box is labeled as G020G.

I’ll get in touch with B&H and make them aware of the issue.

Should I look here for an update next week?

Thank you so much for your help!

We’ll be in touch in your support ticket, and I’ll reply here, too. I’ve already set myself a reminder to chat with engineering about the matter on Monday.

Thank you.

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Hi @ryanj.cr4kvm,

I’m sorry for the added delay! Our engineering team has made a change they think will allow your phone to activate. Could you please give it another try?

Yes, I’ll try it but I am not on my home network, I’m at work so I’m not sure if that will be an issue.
Also I am concerned that model number of the phone is incorrect and I dont know if that could cause other issues.

So it looks like its working,
I’m on the activation is underway screen.

I’m having trouble getting a straight answer from Google about the model number.
I’m concerned that if the model number G020C is incorrect then I may have issues in the future.

What do you think?

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