Pixel 3a dozing and losing wi-fi connection

**What phone do you have? Pixel 3a

**What plan are you on? Annual

**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and text only

My Pixel 3a was delivered last Sunday. Everything seems to be working well except it is often losing the wi-fi connection. I’m running Doze Detect 0.9.65 in MacroDroid, but it’s apparently not working. There are no problems with the wi-fi since other connections are solid. As soon as I wake the Pixel, it reconnects. Anybody else with a Pixel experiencing this?

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Hi @larc919,

We do not have Pixel 3a’s so can’t speak to them specifically. We do have two Moto G6’s and run a macro we created called KISS30 because of issues related to Doze.

KISS30 is a brute force approach based on time. So unlike Doze Detect, the notifications from the RW app do not matter. We simply turn the screen on every 30 minutes (a modified version of billg’s work). The screen turns off in 15 secs when it turns off automatically after macro run but when screen is unlocked screen turns off at whatever the user has set.

Details on the macro start in post 50 –

Might not be the most elegant solution but it might be worth trying to see how it works in your environment. We have strong WiFi at home with weak cellular. Both phones are running on the 5GHz WiFi to decrease interference that can be common on 2.4GHz WiFi.

Here’s a link to another thread with some other information for KISS30 –

@jben and @billg have done a great job testing and documenting the Doze issue. Their work is what we built from. Hopefully the KISS30 macro will work for you too if you’re willing to give it a try. Not trying to push KISS30 just offering it as another alternate that might help. And remember to only run one version of Doze macro at a time!

NOTE - RW has released Republic Wireless App Update: Version to soak test starting today (6/11). The notes state “Improvement to status notification”. This might help with Doze Detect @jben might have more insight on how this impacts Doze Detect.

No insights, but as soon as I get I will be testing against it, to see what can be done with MacroDroid to hopefully lessen the impact

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Hi @larc919,

Can you describe what the experience is?

Have you noticed any failure to receive calls or texts?
Do streaming apps start consuming cellular data?
Do calls drop or switch to cell?
Or are you simply seeing the :warning: notification that has appeared in the latest app version?

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It’s not as serious as not getting calls or texts. But when I wake the phone after it’s been sleeping for a while, It’s not connected to RW. It reconnects in a few seconds, though. I had notifications on the lock screen earlier before I stopped them and there would often be a notification that there was no connection to RW. Calls haven’t been dropped and I haven’t noticed switching between RW and cell. It seems the problem exists only when the phone isn’t being used and it dozes.

Unfortunately, this is “normal” behavior for Android when the phone is in Doze Mode. @Jben has been working tirelessly to try to create a Macrodroid sequence that will nudge the phone out of Doze Mode, and I’m sure he’d appreciate your feedback on that front, but otherwise, as long as there is no service impact when the phone is in Doze Mode, it’s actually working as designed (by Android).


Thanks for the plug (@southpaw), and I can use all the help in this endeavor that I can get.

  • Things that will help as users report their experiences
    • Which phone? (I only have a Moto X4 on 9.0 to test with, and Doze appears differently across various manufactures and code levels)
    • One finger swipe down and display the RW Notification, see What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help
    • Approx time the phone was ‘idle’ before you noticed
    • Any missed calls, lost SMS or MMS?
    • Anything else that you feel may be pertinent?
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Thanks, @southpaw. It’s just that I didn’t notice this behavior on my Moto Z Play when it has been working correctly (like a car with a problem that won’t appear when you take it to a mechanic, my Z has been perfect since the moment I got the notice the Pixel 3a I ordered to replace it had shipped). Also, thanks to @freddyp and @jben. I’ll give the KISS30 macro solution a try and see if that helps.


I have the same phone and having the same issue for about a month now. Keep getting a triangle. Goes to the arc as soon as I wake it up.

Same phone, same experience. I usually don’t have the triangle, I just have the RW “not on WiFi” indicator.

But there doesn’t seem to be any downside to this either, everything seems to be working okay so I’m not sure why this would be a problem?

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For me it was a problem because my Samsung S7 wouldn’t wake up to take WiFi calls and I have poor cell service at home. Now I have a Samsung S8 that, when sleeping, will wake up and answer incoming calls. There have been several updates to the Republic app, several firmware updates to my ASUS mesh network, a different phone and at least one update to the Android OS.

Somewhere along the way the problem was fixed for me. Even if I still had the problem my Extend Home always rings on incoming calls.

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Hi @billg - do you now ever experience the problem where WiFi disconnects in Doze which, in turn, causes the phone to use cellular data (LTE service is available) while connected to WiFi?

As an example: A couple of Play Store app updates used cell data while connected to WiFi even with Play Store set to update on WiFi only. System seemed to think it was on WiFi but wasn’t while in Doze. Did not expect app updates to use cell data. Think you reported this happening in the early Doze testing.

I know this is a discussion about the Pixel 3a but thought I’d mention this in case anyone sees some unexpected data usage by the Play Store The good news….using our MacroDroid KISS30 macro appears to solve these problems for us on our Moto G6’s. But we don’t have automatic app updates turned on, just do them manually.

Agree that there have been so many changes since we started using it that we simply have not disabled MacoDroid to see if that’s still happening. One of those – If it’s not broken, don’t fix it :grinning: Just wondering…

I haven’t paid any attention to my data usage. In the morning, when I wake up the phone, there are usually incoming mail messages. As far as I know I’ve never had an app update over cell.

Just wanted to report that KISS30 is working magnificently on my Pixel.

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