Pixel 3a - How to turn off incoming call beep?

When I’m on the phone talking with someone, I don’t want to hear a signal when somebody else calls. I thought turning off call waiting would kill the incoming call notification, but it doesn’t. Can it be done? My phone is Pixel 3a.

I don’t have a 3a, but here is what appears to be a useable guide. Follow the yellow dots in the example

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Thanks, @jben, but I already turned off call waiting. It didn’t stop the incoming call signal when I’m talking on the phone. That’s what I want to get rid of.

Did you follow the guide as it eventually reveals some additional settings, one of which sounds like what you may want?

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Hi @jben and @larc919 ,

I’m using the Pixel 3a and find the call waiting setting greyed out and in the off position. I don’t think there is a way to turn off that notification sound without turning off all notifications sounds. :thinking:


I would consider contacting Pixel Phone Help to get a definitive answer from the manufacture
Sorry should have replied to @larc919

The illustrated process is exactly how I turned off call waiting. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem.

Thanks, @SuperT. I’ve also come to that conclusion and will follow @jben 's suggestion to contact Google’s Pixel support.

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