Pixel 3a, no sending text video message

I have a Google Pixel 3a, the My Choice with data plan which includes talk, text, and data (2gb).

I have had this phone since May and have never been able to send a video I took in the text program. I am using Republic Anywhere. It will take a video, and I can watch it after I took it, but once I try to send it, it will never send. Also, once I try to send it, I get a message that it is unavailable. Looking on the internet, people seem to feel via Google’s website that one would be silly to do this, I should just take a normal video and share a link from an uploaded video, but I don’t use any of those services. I would just like to send a text video like I could with my previous phone.

Has this option gone away, even though I can still record a video through the program?

Edited to add I can receive text videos.


Issue Description

[Here is one reason that the use of email + attachment is recommended for video

Interesting. So the texting program isn’t self limiting? Is there a known time limit? I really like the text option. I didn’t have data on my previous phone, is that possibly why I never experienced it then? How can I know how big a text video is?

Thanks for the above info!

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