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The Pixel 3a [New] is now selling between $385 and $399. The Google store had it about a month ago for $249. The 4a reportedly will be released in about 2 weeks for $350, or maybe $399.

Anyone out there with actual cell phone sales or marketing experience that can explain WHY the high price today, as high as it’s ever been, when it’s about to become obsolete in a very short time? I would think Google and its dealers would be dumping its remaining stock now. I can’t understand why anyone with half a brain would pay $399 today, perhaps $50 more than the 4a will be in another 2 weeks!
Btw, I do understand why RW is still pricey on this phone. :frowning: I’ve been a member for 6 years.

Edit: 5/22/20 - Best sources now say Pixel 4a to be “released” July 13, but not in stores until Aug. 5, and at $349. Pixel 3a now $279 at Google, B&H, Walmart, and Best Buy. When will RW drop the 3a price - now $399?

Stock on the 3a has actually been REALLY constrained with Republic Sold Out far more often than the phone has been in stock. Republic isn’t the only company experiencing that issue and so pricing hasn’t been stable at all for the phone. If and when Republic will drop the price largely depends on the pricing they’re getting from their supplier and the availability of inventory.

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Now that everyone has it for $279, will RW hold on to it’s 3a phones forever? :roll_eyes::angry: The 4a could well be $300 at Xmas.
Thanks for the reply,

Also Best Buy and Walmart! RW has to let go sometime.

True, however, I do think it’s fair to observe Walmart, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Amazon and Google itself all sell orders of magnitude more phones than Republic does. Given their volumes, it’s far easier for them to discount remaining stock than for a relatively small operator such as Republic.

The holiday shopping season is an excellent time to buy Google branded phones. I grabbed my Republic activated Pixel 4 XL at B&H Photo for a significant discount this past Black Friday.

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Rolandh: Yes, RW is smaller than Walmart, but the law of supply and demand doesn’t differentiate between businesses. This size difference has been too often discussed in order to justify price.
If you buy 100 widgets @ $3 to sell them @ $4 - compared to me buying 10,000 @ $2.75 to sell @ $4 - and the widgets experience obsolescence by way of a new model now selling @ $4 [or $3.50], you are forced to lower your price to a point where they will sell, regardless of your size, or keep them until they have no value and lose everything invested. No one with half a brain would today buy a brand new 2019 Camry for the same price he/she could purchase a 2020 model.
RW is not in the business to lose money. The company is run by some obviously pretty sharp people. RW’s price, depending on how soon the 4a is actually available, and how many folks it believes will not notice the difference in a new model, will IMHO fall! A small loss or break even is better than a big loss. I’m waiting for the 3a at $250, from RW or elsewhere, a price point it has been at before, and will almost certainly hit again, depending of course on how many units are still out there in the market for sale [supply and demand]. Or I’ll just wait and look for the 4a at perhaps $300 sometime between Black Friday and Xmas, as many educated shoppers will do.
I’d be in the market in the near future for a Moto Power if I could get it in a 5.5-.8" screen, but I hate the larger 6+" size screens. Loves my Motos - I’ve had 3 of them. For now, a Pixel will have to do. No little, tiny iPhone SE for me. lol

The main thing missing from your discussion is currently inventory. Maybe Republic has 3 left in stock so they’re not interested in moving them quickly and the downside risk of getting stuck with them is minimal.

It is easy for us to sit on the outside and say, “Republic should” but we’re working from a position of not imperfect information, but of literally no information.

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Hi @awolf,

I’m curious why it’s so important to you that Republic drop the price, when you’ve named several places where it can be purchased for less. You do know we support the Pixel 3a for BYOP, right?

Hi, Southpaw. No, not curious at all. Just a little bit easier.
My current G5 is a byop. All the others have been through RW.

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